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friends' webcomics links

Legostar Galactica is created by my good friend Dusan. It's all about making fun of as many sci-fi/fantasy genres as possible., but mostly Star Trek in particular. He has yet to actually mock Battlestar Galactica, however. Weird, that. Posted 5 days a week without fail.


This blasphantastic little tidbit is the brainchild of Joe, the guy who pointed out that I know a disproportionate number of webcomic artists. It's about different kinds of Jesi battling it out to be the uber Jesus. Pirate Jesus has a sizable following in Germany, for some reason, as does his one-off story Science vs. Religion. Used to be posted every Monday, but the story is pretty much over now.


Nerdcore: the Core Wars is also by Joe and is one of my favorite comics on all the Internets. I mean, how can you not love it? The characters are all so darn CUTE, even when they're being evil! You just want to cuddle them all, even Burnie the Fire Elemental. So check it out. Posted every Friday.


And while I'm at it, I might as well link to Science vs. Religion, the comic of battling action figures. After all, Joe did make this lovely little banner just for me (or so I like to think in my own little world).


I followed a link to Mixed Myth from Dusan's webcomic and had read through half of the archives before realizing that this beautiful comic was drawn by Robin, a girl I had known in high school. It would be too much to say that she and I were friends because we didn't know each other that well. But I used to hang out with her brother and she used to hang out with mine and now she is living with one of my best friends from high school, and we have always been on good terms with each other. So close enough. The story has concluded now, but there are about three years' worth of comics still. It is definitely worth reading.


Robin's at it again, this time with her brother Chris by her side as the writer. Metrophor is set in a dystopian fantasy/future world, and asks the question "what if fantasy-style magic were used like it would in real life: to make people's lives easier?" It just started 6/6/06, so it will be fascinating to see where this goes. Updates on Mondays and Fridays.