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The most recent updates to my photo gallery:

October 2007 Brian and I just moved into a real house, for which we threw a real housewarming party. I went for a super-secret 60's mod theme (secret because I didn't tell anyone but Brian, much to certain people's exasperation), which was exhibited in my dress, the invitations, and the menu.

August 2007 My baby brother Stephen finally married his long-time girlfriend Bree. See the pictures of the adorable couple.

June 2007 Sarah and James got married! See the pictures of this most lovely and joyous event here.

January 2007 My best friend Sarah and I can never resist playing dress-up and taking pictures of each other whenever we get together. This Christmas we had double the fun, as her fiance joined in and my husband acted as photographer. This winter's pictures can be found under Fun With Cameras. You can also find a few shots from Dusan's New Year's Eve party, and many many costume pictures from the 7th Annual Edwardian Ball.

September 2006 Alan has a hat. Some friends of ours threw me a farewell party since I was moving to California the next day, and Alan left his hat there (not for the first time). Certain devious minds present at the time thought it would be clever if Ben (my traveling partner) and I kidnapped it and photographed it along our cross-country road trip. So we did. Sadly the first half were lost when Ben's hard drive died a noisy death somewhere in the wilds of Wyoming, but the rest have been posted for your amusement.

August 2006 Lots of new stuff! I attended Jeff and Foy's wedding in June, saw the 14th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta over Fourth of July weekend, then helped host our very own Whately-style LARP in late July two days before I moved to California. LARPs have now been broken into their own group, separate from Parties. That should be all for now.

June 2006 From the Fete Fatale website: "'I Was a Teenage Mutant From Outer Space' pulls together all sorts of 50's B-grade, so-bad-they're-good sci-fi and horror movies. The setting is the quiet little Arizona desert town of San Inguon, including the Pop's Malt Shop, Lovers' Lane, the town square and of course the obligatory nearby government research labs. The 30+ characters are the residents of the town, and the teenagers have at least as much going on as the adults." They aren't kidding. It is every 50's sci-fi plot mashed up into one. Here are the few pictures I managed to capture of the event.

April 2006I threw a Harry Potter-themed bachelorette party for my friend Abby with the help of all her bridesmaids. You can see the decor and our costumes under the Parties section. Then a few weeks later, Abby and Joe got married. Yay! The pictures from that happy event are, of course, under Weddings.

November 2005We attended the last Whately game (hosted by Gail and Dig Freedman) on November 5th. Pictures of our Scooby Doo costumes and hijinks can be found under Parties.

October 2005 Pictures from the Halloween party hosted by Alan and Eva are up under Parties. Lots of great costumes this year, so be sure to check it out!

August 2005 — Two weddings albums have been added to the gallery: my brother Keane married Michelle on July 17th, and our Madison friends Michael and Katie were married August 13th.

May 2005A slew of updates for you this month. The gallery format was updated, color scheme changed, and several albums added. They are:

February 2005 — We had a masquerade party in honor of Eva's birthday at the end of February. The pictures, not surprisingly, are under the "Parties" section.

January 2005 — I just put up the Family and Friends page I promised. And while I didn't get around to writing up the Curse of Whately's Monster game, the pictures are finally posted under "Parties." Hope you enjoy!

Athens, Summer 2001 I spent 6 weeks in Greece with CYAthens learning about Ancient Greek art and religion. I collected pictures from a few of my classmates and put them on the web for all to enjoy.