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save Firefly!

I am a huge fan of Firefly, Joss Whedon's tragically short-lived sci-fi/western show that was unfairly cancelled by the FOX Broadcasting Company (long may they burn) even before it had aired a full season. Since then, legions of fans have been trying to get it resurrected in any way possible. We succeeded in the form of a movie called Serenity and a comic book by the same name. Now someone is trying to revive the show in a revolutionary format: instead of airing it on television at an appointed time and channel, each episode would be available via monthly DVD deliveries, TV On-Demand, or Streaming Download on the internet. These folks are conducting a survey to see how many people would be interested in seeing a second season of Firefly and in paying per episode. Please, PLEASE fill out this survey and help us bring back the crew of Serenity!!

welcome to my new webpage

I finally decided to update my extremely dull but utilitarian homepage design, as it was getting less utilitarian with every new entry I made. This much prettier design is based on one from the Open Source Web Design website called spring_began by t-3k.

Shadowrun journal

Michael is currently running a fourth ed Shadowrun game for a group of us nerds. I play Red Fox, a human physical adept, and keep a journal of our activities in her voice. I'd be thrilled if you checked it out, since my fellow gamers don't seem to have much interest in the hours of work I put into the darn thing. Leave a comment to let me know you read it!

Let's Kill!

October 2005—In 1997, Sancho Games (my husband Brian, his brother Alan, and their friend Aaron) created a bloodly little card game of stick-figure mayhem called Let's Kill. They printed a run of 500 decks and sold them out at GenCon in 1997. Now Atlas Games has released the long-awaited second edition and they have made this lovely little banner ad. Order from your local game shop now!

webcomic links

A friend recently pointed out that I personally know several people who have webcomics. Of course, this same friend accounts for half of said webcomics, so I suppose he ought to know. In the interest of shameless promotion of my friends, I have a short page of links to their creations.

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness character screen shots

I was overcome with a desire to dress up as Katrina (a character from this terrific Sierra game) for Halloween a couple years ago, but was completely unable to find a picture of her on the web anywhere. So I dug up an old copy of the game and played through the whole damn thing again, just to see what the evil Katrina looked like. Along the way, I took screenshots of all the characters, just in case there were other people out there also scouring Google for such images. Click here to see the costume I eventually came up with.

the names of the solar system's moons and their meanings

I once tried in vain to find a website with this information, so I made one myself.