Zenith of the Splintershield_clan is the son of Davked_Splintershield and Marta. He was lord of the Malachite_Fortress. He is estranged from his father. Ten years ago he gathered a company to head into the Underdark and purge it of evil. He was not heard from since.

Zenith's father hired Tarik's_Company to rescue Zenith. (Davked was cursed by his dying wife to waste away unless he reconciled with his three estranged sons). Divination magic revealed Zenith to be held in a kuo-toan shrine called Bhal-hamatugn. The kuo-toa had been keeping Zenith in a chamber atop Bhal-hamatugn. Something drove Zenith mad and evil, perhaps his years of treatments at the kuo-toa's hands.


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