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Verana Telemmaite

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Maeglin and Verana can almost pass as identical twins. They grew up in Darven's_Cove, an Elven/Human community near the sea at the joint between the Hellfurnace_Mountains and the Amedio_Jungle. They were born in some random town to their parents, Teliana and Maittias. They moved the family to Darven's_Cove and settled down. Their parents were leatherworkers, mostly the creation of quality leather, not the actual construction of items with it. Before having the twins they were guards and scouts for supply/trade routes (only caravans that were completely legit of course). Maittias was a light magic user (a low level wizard) and scout, while Teliana was a scout and guard (a ranger).

Maittias and Teliana taught their children to worship the elven pantheon and Maittias also worshiped Boccob. They were a loving couple who very much respected each other, but they were never terribly lovey dovey or affectionate. This relationship made a big impact on Maeglin and Verana. Maeglin sometimes seemed kind of confused by it, but Verana always figured that if she did ever get married (although the idea seems kind of odd to her), she would want a relationship like that. Well, like that with great sex.

Verana always got into trouble as a kid. Always. She wasn't bad or anything, she just had a knack for finding trouble. After a while she developed a taste for light theivery, but she never stole anything important or anything vital to someone else's life. Often she would just steal meaningless things to see if she could. Usually she was pretty good, but sometime she got caught.

Most of her biggest problems came from two things: her taste in boyfriends and her tendancy to say things she shouldn't. Usually opening her big mouth got her into trouble that Maeglin could help her out of, but occasionally she got hurt or into more serious trouble.

The boyfriends often presented bigger problems. Verana liked "bad boys". Usually if Maeglin distrusted a guy, Verana would fall for him. And she went through boyfriends like water. They got her into lots of trouble by getting her to stay out to late, try dangerous and stupid things, and drinking. When she was still really too young to be doing it (shortly before her 70th birthday) a boyfriend got her to drink, a lot. She's not sure what happened that night as most of her memories are fuzzy. She does remember stumbling home by herself in the wee small hours of the morning and climbing in through Maeglin's bedroom window. He helped her and then later covered for her so she wouldn't get in too much trouble. She doesn't know what happened to the boyfriend, but he never tried to speak to her again.

Maeglin could sometimes be convinced to cover for her when she needed it, and she loved him dearly for it. She tried not to push it too much, but came awfully close sometimes. He often helped without being asked at all. Every once in a while she would even need him to help her deal with a boyfriend that she could no longer handle on her own. She tried not to do that too often though, since he really seemed to enjoy it and (while it was gratifying to see him beat up troublesome boyfriends), she didn't want to encourage that too much.

Verana never really approved of Maeglin's taste in girls either. Nevertheless, she never tried to break him up with one of them or anything. If he wanted to do something stupid like that, he could, as long as he was ok in the end. She just found his propensity to chose girls who would never have even dreamed of the kinds of things she did, much less remotely understood them, a bit frustrating.

As a teenager Verana never really apprenticed to anyone (the usual practice), which mildly irritated her parents. She did learn some useful skills from Marek, a thief who lived in town. He was pretty good and she learned a fair amount from him (lockpicking was his specialty), but they never really trusted each other and never would have considered the other a friend. She appreciated what she learned from him, but the "lessons" were infrequent and often random. As far as Verana knows, her parents never knew about these "lessons". Through a combination of Marek's help and lots of practice, she did have the basics of being a thief by the time she left home.

Verana and Maeglin left home at about the same time. Verana went to sea and was hired on as a crew member for the pirate ship "Flying_Dagger" under Captain_Farlin_Stormstrike. This should have been a good job to get because Captain Stormstrike was practically a legend among the pirate community and well known by reputation among the rest of the seafarers in the region as a very dangerous pirate. His feats were well known and told often as tales, but none of his legendary feats had happened recently. Captain Stormstrike had gotten old and probably should have retired, but no one would have dreamed of suggesting that to him (out of both fear and respect). For the most part, Captain Stormstrike stayed in his cabin and let his first mate run the ship.

The first mate was a woman named Malan. She was very jealous of her power and clearly intended to take over officially as captain as soon as possible. Malan was strict, but also always distant. She never fraternized with any of the crew and took all of her meals either with the captain or alone. Verana suspected that her distance was an attempt to protect herself and her power from any other ambitious persons. The distance was probably a mistake, however, since it allowed the crew to plot out of her sight far more easily that if she had been around more.

The crew, most of whom had been dealing with the situation for more than a year (several had been around much longer), were very discontent with the situation. Because of the absence of the captain and distance of Malan, the ship hadn't done a whole lot of actual pirating in some time. This meant no loot being gotten and divided, which bred discontent among the crew. Since most of the crew believed that they could do better if they were in charge, they all worked on schemes to alter the power structure on the ship. They were broken into several factions and no one wanted anyone else to gain any advantage, so they plotted against each other every bit as much as they plotted against Malan. Very little headway was gained by anyone. Verana wondered if Malan knew that it was happening and allowed it (even sort of encouraging it in some ways) to happen.

On night one of the crewmen disappeared. It was silently assumed that someone tossed him overboard (probably after murdering him), but little was really said about it. Malan redistributed his duties, increasing everyone's workload and fostering further discontent among the crew. But no one else disappeared.

The only other sane member of the crew that Verana could find was the ship's cook, Nerit. One of her duties was to hep Nerit. He had an official full-time assistant, but the kid was hopelessly clueless about cooking. Nerit figured out early on that Verana (unlike pretty much the entire rest of the crew) knew at least the basics of how to turn fish into food. She spent part of each afternoon helping Nerit prepare the evening meal. She learned that Nerit had been sailing with the "Flying Dagger" under Captain Stormstrike for many years, longer than anyone else on board (except of course the captain himself). Verana got the distinct impression that Nerit had never sailed with any other ship. He kept well out of the plotting of the rest of the crew by being carefully unaware that any such thing ever happened. Verana learned from him to do the same and stay out of the whole mess as much as possible.

The only real reprieve from the climate of the ship came when they put into port on the secret pirate island every month or so. The island was small but heavily populated. Several inns and taverns housed and fed the constantly shifting pirate population. Several bards lived on the island and made good money performing in taverns.

The prostitutes were plentiful and of great variety on the island. Verana befriended a few of them and learned that they had the safest job on the island in many ways. There were always plenty of willing customers, so a prostitute could turn anyone down with no concerns of not finding another customer. No one dared hurt or cheat any of them either. Not only were they usually packing weapons and plenty of skill to use them, but they also helped each other. If you pissed off one of them, you pissed off all of them. And if you pissed off the prostitutes you were in serious trouble. Few discussed what had happened exactly to those who got in trouble with them, but everyone understood the implications. Many of the prostitutes had children and they all cared for each others children as their own. They were some of the nicest women Verana had ever met. She spent a good deal of time getting to know a few of them. Not only were they good company, but they also taught her how to handle daggers in a fight and how to properly throw them. She became nearly as good at using daggers as she was using her rapier.

On Verana's first stay on the island she met Banyr. He was a crewman on the ship "Night_Bird". He was easily picked out of a crowd due to his pet monkey. The monkey was one of the best pickpockets Verana had ever met. Verana and Banyr hit it off instantly and they spent much of their time together whenever they were both on the island at the same time. Verana had other guys, but they were never more than one night stands. She assumed that he had other girls as well, but he never mentioned them. Verana would love to see Banyr again, but she doesn't expect to any time soon. She isn't in love with him, but she does miss his company (in more ways than one).

When you get right down to it, Verana really enjoyed being a pirate. She may very well go back to it someday, but probably not terribly soon. She left because of the climate on the "Flying Dagger". Captain Stormstrike and his ship had been very famous and revered at one point, but now they wre pretty much a joke among the pirate community. Because of that, getting onto another ship would have been quite difficult (why take on a crewmember who is not only largely unproven after a year of service but also likely has bad habits and misconceptions from their previous ship when there are other potential recruits with none of that baggage?). Verana grew more and more frustrated with the stupidity as the year passed. A little more than a year after she first signed on, Verana decided to leave the "Flying Dagger". The next time they put into port on the mainland Verana said goodbye to the crew of the "Flying Dagger" and left. She sent word to Banyr through Nerit, but she really doesn't know if he ever got her message. She hopes he did.

She kept the outward image of a swashbuckler, which she picked up from her time with the pirates. With no particular place she needed to be or anything Verana went looking for Maeglin. She found out that he had gone to Cauldron and headed that way, only to find him in Redgorge on the 15th_of_Ready'reat. It's been about a year and a half since she had seen him.

She is proficient in the bow and the sword, particularly the rapier, which was her father's melee weapon of choice. Maeglin was always better at combat than she was, but she was more willing to fight dirty than he was. They make a good team in a fight and have a good sense of one another's usual tactics.

Verana left the party on the 12th of Flocktime to return home. She misses her brother.

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