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Shensen is one of the Striders_of_Fharlanghn. She is a cute drow chick who seems to have a crush on Maeglin.

Information Verana learned:

Shensen likes Maeglin a lot. She's not shy about saying that. Got it, Maeglin? She likes you.

Shensen was born in one of the major underdark cities. During some sort of incident (internal politics, it sounds like), her parents were killed. She was just an infant and was ignored during the whole thing (thus not killed). Some enterprising neighbors took it upon themselves to make sure she was provided for and sold her as a slave. She thinks it was to some duregar. She was then trained as to be a guard. In this time she picked up some monk skills from her training.

When she was still fairly young she was rescued by some adventurers. They took her up out of the underdark and she travelled with them a little. She became friends with their bard (who sort of took care of her) and learned some bard skills. She is an accomplished singer and dancer. She enjoys going out dancing. The adventurers gave her to some retired Striders_of_Fharlanghn and they raised her. They were druids, so she was raised as a druid and eventally became one herself. She's been with the Striders ever since.

She immediately liked Maeglin. She likes being around nature and sleeps near the lake. She likes to swim in the lake in otter form and recently helped Rassi grow a tree for a treehouse. She's ok with the city, for the most part, but isn't wild about large indoor crowds. She is helping with whatever the Striders are doing here, but isn't very specific on what that is.

Note: most of this is only known to Verana and Maeglin

Updated Background

Shensen dated Maeglin pretty seriously right up until he died. His death hit her pretty hard, but also made her realize that the she needed to try a different path for a while as her current project with the Striders_of_Fharlanghn had been a little bit frustrating. She is still a Strider, but is sort of taking a leave of absence from that work for a while to work with Tarik's Company. Her hope is that she can find out some of what she was looking for as a Strider anyway, as well as get to help kill the demon that killed Maeglin. She bothered by what's going on in Cauldron and has reason to believe that it is pretty damn serious.

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