Shensen Tesiril's Journal

4th Wealsun cont.

Tarik took a quick look at the creature in Vhalantru's center eye socket and determined that it was indeed a demodan of some sort while the rest of us quickly ransacked the room, grabbing all paperwork and such. We examined the magic circle for anything useful, but nothing really came of that. It appeared to just be a communication circle of some type and seemed pretty dead after the giant's message.

Tarik suddenly received a sending from Jenya telling him that giants were attacking the city. They were fast, weren't they? So we headed back up the various tunnels and out of the mansion to help. Outside we found a group waiting for us. We split up to face the frost giants and what appeared to be white dragons (although, thankfully, not very big ones).

The first group the six of us ran into was a band of four giants - three fighters and a cleric. Gadrey took the cleric out fairly quickly, which greatly upset the fighter who had been standing next to her (her husband perhaps?) and he started wailing on Gadrey. We managed to kill the rest of the group pretty quickly, but it wasn't pleasant. Barely after catching our breaths from that fight, we came upon another, similar group. This group had the added fun of two pet white dragons.

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