Chapter Zero: Prologue

(2005-08-31. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

15th of Ready'reat

In the village of Redgorge Adrian_Whitebeard, priest of St._Cuthbert seeks heroes to solve a mystery. 37 people have disappeared from Cauldron in the last year, including Adrian's son. Six individuals agree to help and follow Adrian toward Cauldron. En route the group fights off two baboons driven mad from a jaguar attack.

Chapter One: Life's Bazaar

(2005-09-11. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The group learns that Adrian has mislead them. 25 people have disappeared in the last two months. Adrian has the group help him confront the Terseon_Skellerang, the captain of the guard. As Adrian is overly excited and unlikely to interact well with Terseon, Tarik magically charms Adrian and speaks on Adrian's behalf. Terseon is happy to help a group of adventurers look into the disappearances. Terseon provides what information he can. Adrian pays the group and expects the group to leave town. He is happily surprised that the group is interesting in helping to investigate.

16th of Ready'reat

The group formally incorporates as Tarik's_Company and begins investigation. The previous night four children were kidnapped from an orphanage. The group investigates, noting that the orphanage uses locks by Keygan_Ghelve, a local locksmith. Given that none of the kidnappings showed signs of forced entry or picked locks, the group suspects Ghelve may be involved.

The group decides to check Adrian_Whitebeard's locks to see if Adrian used Ghleve's locks. En route they find Adrian being attacked by two city guards wearing the face paint of the Last_Laugh gang. The group subdues Adrian's attackers. A woman in the same face paint escapes across the rooftops.

Taking the injured Adrian to the temple of St._Cuthbert, the group learns that Adrian stole the money he paid the group. The money came from the temple's coffers. The group returns the stolen money. The temple has decided to help with the disappearances. They have asked their holy relic for guidance. It provided a cryptic prophecy that seemed to further implicated Ghelve.

The group headed to Keygan_Ghelve's shop and confronted him. The group was attacked by a skulk. Ghelve revealed that his shop was built atop the abandoned gnomish enclave Jzadirune. Skulks and dark_creepers came out of the underground location several months ago. They kidnapped Ghleve's familiar, Starbrow, and forced him to craft a master key to all of his locks. The group sends Ghleve to the city guard. The group heads into the underground enclave.

(2005-09-18. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana )

The group explores Jzadirune. They encounter a number of skulks. The enclave is well secured with magically trapped doors. It appears that the skulks have tunneled from room to room to avoid the trapped doors. The group encounters an animate chest, the mimic One. The mimic is supposed to be guarding Starbrow, but is foolish and friendly. From One the group learns that someone named Kazmojen has been working with the skulks from a place called the Malachite_Fortress. This Fortress is somewhere below Jzadirune. They recently hired hobgoblins and several mimics to help. The group has been kidnapping people from Cauldron for some sort of slaving operation. The convinces One to let them have Starbrow. The group encounters more skulks as they explore Jzadirune. After a difficult fight with a choker below an old gnomish stage, the group retreats to the surface to recooperate.

17th of Ready'reat

The group continues to explore, facing more skulks. The group locates several keys that allow them to pass through the trapped doors.

(2005-10-02. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Tarik's_Company continues to explore Jzadirune. The group faces and defeats several more skulks, dark_creepers, and a pulverizer_automaton. The group encounters and slays the leader of the dark_ones, Yuathyb. They discover several more keys as they explore. After many battles, they retreat to the surface for the night.

18th of Ready'reat

Continuing to explore the group encounters a grell and a raggamoffyn. Badly battered, they rest back in Ghelve's shop. Another key is found.

19th of Ready'reat

While still exploring, the group encounters another raggamoffyn and annother pulverizer automaton. In an empty, hidden scroll library the group finds an illusion of an gnomish woman claiming to be Emirystul. She says that the scrolls were destroyed to limit the spread of The_Vanishing. She warns visitors to be careful. In a set of secret rooms, the group battles a dread_guard. Finally the party locates an elevator that leads further down. Capturing one of the hobgoblins guarding it, they learn that below is the Malachite_Fortress. Kazmojen hired the hobgoblins to follow him to the fortress. Once there, he struck a deal with the dark ones to capture people from Cauldron. The captives are sold as slaves to other Underdark races.

(2005-10-09. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The group heads to the surface. They sell the things they have looted and purchase new equipment for the next part of their descent.

20th of Ready'reat

After further preperations, the group heads down through Jzadirune and into the Malachite_Fortress. The entrance is guarded by an earth elemental, a stone_spike. Aidan attempts to reason with it, but it is compelled to try and stop the group. After defeating it, an ogre bursts in and attacks. After dispatching it, the ogre's body shifts form into an otyugh.

A secret door leads to an old dwarven armory, still well stocked. Beyond the secret armory is a smithy. A group of hobgoblins and goblins watch several slaves work the smithy. The party slays the goblinoid captors and frees the slaves to return to the surface.

In a nearby kitchen the party slays two goblins to free another kidnapped Cauldron citizen, Gryffon. Gryffon has reached an agreement with his captors and is now their cook. He is being paid and has been promised his freedom. He is looking forward to heading deeper into the underdark. The party decides to leave him tied up in the secret passage for later extraction.

Finally, the party finds a large ceremonial chamber. Several hobgoblins, a howler, a durzagon, and the dwarf-troll Kazmojen are there with the four kidnapped children. After a tough fight the party slays the children's kidnappers.

As the company regroups and prepares to leave, a beholder appears behind them.

(2005-10-16. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The beholder claims it is here to take one of the orphans, Terram_Kharatys, back to the orphanage. It ignores the company's attempts to negotiate. Instead, the beholder tosses a pouch of coins on the floor as a reward. The beholder then disintegrates Terram's shackled with a beam from it's eye, pulls Terrem toward itself with another eye beam, then disappears with Terram.

Wen the beholder disappears, the remaining hobgoblins in the complex rush in to attack the party, but are quickly slain.

The orphans direct the company to the prison cells. The cells are concealed behind an illusionary wall and guarded by two hammer_automatons. With some effort, the group destroys the automatons and frees the remaining prisoners.

With an injured prisoner, injuries of their own, and drained of magic, the party retreats to the surface. There they return the three orphans to Gretchen at the orphage. Gretchen reports that Terram was returned by a woman wearing a scarf and dark clothing.

Given the grief that Gryffon has given the party, they take him to his fiance Imelie. They report Gryffon's plan to head into the underdark, abandoning her. There the party and Gryffon learn that she is now betrothed to another man.

The party takes the adult prisoners to the main guardhouse, turning them over so that the guard can house them for the night and take their statements. One prisoner, Coryston was badly injured by hobgoblin torture and is unconcious. The party takes her to the Church_of_the_Righteous_Cudgel. She proves to be a member of the temple and is healed. When Jenya learns that the orphans have been rescued, she heals the party. The group arranges to meet with Jenya the next evening. Adrian is informed that his son has been rescued; he rushes into the night to see his son.

21st of Ready'reat

The group returns to the Malachite_Fortress to clear it of any remaining infestation. A number of barracks and private rooms are found, as is a small forge converted into a torture chamber. The group locates a treasure horde. The horde is protected by several traps and a powerful mimic disguised as a gong. The battle with the mimic is difficult, but the party slays it. Near the entrance the group finds a dwarven statue that has been draped with chains. The chains are an animated object and attacks the group. With some injures, the chains are destroyed. Beyond the statue is a bridge leading over a chasm to natural caverns. The caverns likely lead further into the Underdark. While finishing their sweep, Tarik's Company finds a room with two lemures lurking there. The demons are quickly dispatched. Having searched the fortress, the party returns to the surface.

Chapter Two: Drakthar's Way

(2005-10-23. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Tarik's_Company regroups in town. Many of the company invest in magical items. Jenya rewards the party. Skellerang has the Stormblades collapse the entrances into the Underdark, the Malachite_Fortress, and Jzadirune.

22nd of Ready'reat

Lord_Mayor Severen_Navalant invites Tarik's Company to a dinner in the company's honor. The group purchases formal attire and attends. The half-elf Lord_Vhalantru welcomes the company. The Mayor himself was unable to attend; he was busy with affairs of state. A Lord_Ankin_Taskerhill introduces himself. His daughter, Annah_Taskerhill leads the Stormblades. Other nobles met include the Vanderborens and Ike_Iverson. Lord_Aslaxin and Lady_Knowlern are noticably disinterested in Tarik's Company. Uncomfortable among the nobility, the company leave relatively early.

On the way back to the Drunken_Morkoth, the company stops by the Tip_Tankard, rumored to be a popular drinking spot for the Stormblades. The Stormblades aren't known for much. They did dispatch some kobolds and regularly buy rounds at the Tankard.

23rd of Ready'reat

A visit to the Lantern_Street_Orphanage reveals that Deakon and Terram's parents were adventurers who never returned. Keygan_Ghelve has also been by to replace the locks because of city mandate.

On the way back, the company notices two elves spying on them. The company trap the spies who claim to be Fario and Fellian of the Lord Mayor's office. The group lets the elves go and attempts to follow them, but they use potions to disappear.

That evening the company comes across a group of goblins vandalizing a clothing store. After defeating them, the company questions a prisoner. The goblins work for a bugbear named Drakthar. When the party presses for information on how the goblins entered the city, some sort of magical curse slays the goblin.

The party turns the scene over to the town guard. This is apparently not the first incident with goblins.

24th of Ready'reat

Terseon_Skellerang asks Tarik's Company to investigate the goblin vandalism incidents. They've been happening for several nights. There is a reward for goblin ears. Terseon knows nothing about the elves Fario and Fellian.

That evening Tarik's Company patrols the streets. Eventually they spot a group. Verana follows them back to Orak's_Bathhouse, then leads the rest of the company there.

(2005-11-06. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

As Tarik's_Company approaches Orak's_Bathhouse, the group is attacked by four wererats. Once dispatched, Verana picks the lock and the party heads in. The group confronts Orak, who orders them to leave. When the refuse, Orak attacks. After subdueing Orak, it becomes clear he is under a magical compulsion. With the compulsion temporarily removed, Orak reveals that the bugbear Drakthar charmed him. The nature of the charm leads the party to conclude that Drakthar is a vampire. The bathhouse has a long sealed door leading to an abandoned dwarven outpost. Drakthar compelled Orak to open the door and allow goblins passage through the bathhouse into the city and back. The group delivers Orak to the Church_of_the_Righteous_Cudgel to be healed. While at the Temple the group meets the paladin Alek_Tercival.

25th of Ready'reat

The party heads below Orak's Bathhouse into the dwarven outpost. The place is filthy with goblin waste. As the party enters the outpost an alarm is raised. There is a large battle in which the company slays more than two dozen goblins and a worg. The group also drives off a second worg with glowing red eyes and the ability to turn to mist. The warg may be Drakthar himself.

The party explores the now mostly empty area, only briefly battling a pair of goblin adepts who ambush the party from magical invisibility.

(2005-11-13. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

26th of Ready'reat

Kyrin bluffs his way into the Blue_Water_Academy to research vampires in their library. The librarian helpfully reports that vampires can be injured with silver or magical weapons. To slay a vampire, one needs injure it until it retreats in gaseous form to its coffin. The vampire slayer must find the coffin, stab the vampire in the heart with a wooden stake (ideally ewe), behead the vampire, then stuff the vampire's mouth with garlic or holy wafers.

Aidan realizes that the outpost is likely Daeren's_Way.

Heading back in, Tarik's Company easily defeats a goblin and worg acting as sentries.

Deeper into the outpost, the party faces an ambush by a group of goblins and a worg. After defeating them, Drakthar himself attacks. Having prepared specifically to face Drakthar they easily injure him. Drakthar turns to a gaseous form and retreats. Fortunately Drakthar's gaseous form is slow and the company gives chase. While following Drakthar, the company battles several groups: a goblin adept with two shock_lizards, several more goblins, some sort of flesh and bone construct in the shape of a throne, and a dire_bat. Finally the company arrives at Drakthar's lair moments behind his gaseous form. Drakthar's coffin is hidden beneath a stone slab in the floor. Following the instructions the party dispatches Drakthar.

The group sweeps the outpost for any of Drakthar's remaining minions. In one room they find and battle a human mage and a tiefling warrior. Further into the outpost the company encounters a group of half-orcs lead by a dwarf. After slaying the orcs the dwarf begs for his life.

The outpost finally opens into a wooded glen on the side of the volcano.

Chapter Three: Flood Season

(2005-11-20. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The captured duergar's name is Xoden. He was hired by someone known as the Blue_Duke to bring the half-orcs into the city. The name is not familiar to the party. Xoden originally met the Blue Duke in Sasserine. There was an arrangement with Drakthar. He was also working with Kallev, a tiefling, and Chorlynder. Xoden was drawn to meetings with the Blue Duke by a gold ring that grew warm and attracted him to locations around Cauldron for meetings. Aidan takes the ring and wears it; perhaps it will lead Tarik's_Company to this mysterious Blue Duke.

27th of Ready'reat

During the night Aidan is attacked. Aidan had a dream, or possibly a faint memory of the attack. In his dream, Aidan awoke paralyzed. A woman wearing the face paint of the Last_Laugh gang promised payback for something. When Aidan awoke later, the finger wearing Xoden's ring had been cut off and taken, along with the ring. Fortunately Aidan's grandfather can restore Aidan's finger tomorrow.

With some savings, the party decides to have Tarik craft some magical items.

That evening is Vesuvian monthly party. The Company is invited and enjoys the fun.

28th of Ready'reat - 11th of Suns'ebb

The party investigates the Last Laugh without any luck. The gang has been unusually quiet of late.

Adrian_Whitebeard and Deven stop by to say goodbye; they're moving to Sasserine.

Word on the street is that the Stormblades have collapsed the tunnel beneath Orak's_Bathhouse.

Tarik purchases some badly damaged property from Tygot. He pays Tygot to hire workers to repair the property. It will take about three weeks.

Several weeks pass. Tarik crafts magical items for the group. Word reaches the party that Xoden was murdered in guard custody. Someone broke in and killed him. Maeglin accepts a job working for the guard. Orak visits and asks if the Company has his decanter_of_endless_water. Tarik says the party does not, not knowing the Maeglin has pilfered it.

13th of Sunsebb

The city prepares for the Lowering of the Waters Festival.

The Stormblades meet Tarik's_Company. It's clear they're looking for a fight. Although Tarik seeks a peaceful conclusion, the hotheads in both parties, Corah_Lathenmier and Rassi_Thimblebock start a fight. Tarik using magical webing to stop the fight. Guard burst in to break things up. The Company learns that the Stormblades regularlly pick fights and have the city guards "break things up" if the Stormblades get in over their heads. The Company is invited by Meriam to join the Drink_down_the_flood_competition. Each tavern has local competitions. Winners from each tavern go on to the competition proper. On the seventh day the winner of the competition is challenged by Lord_Vhalantru. The Lord has never been beaten.

14th of Sunsebb

In the evening Aidan, Rassi, Kyrin, and Maeglin join the drinking competition at the Drunken_Morkoth. Only Rassi manages to stay on her feet, along with tavern regular Ben. The two will advance to the main contest.

During the contest the Company notices Fario lurking about. The Company forcefully invites Fario upstairs. In the hallway they run into Fellian and invite him along as well. As the Company begins questioning the elves, there is a knock on the door. It's a dwarf who introduces himself as Mirthan. He claims that the elves and he are members of the Striders_of_Fharlanghn, a group dedicated to free trade and general well being. The Striders are registered as an adventuring group. Mirthan claims that the Lord_Mayor felt his life was in danger. He invited the Striders into the city to investigate and set up a station. Mirthan has been trying to see the Mayor without success for a week and a half. Mirthan insists that the elves only tracked Tarik's Company because the Company represented an unknown element. He is now convinced that the Company is on the side of right and no longer tracks the Company. The group decides to let the Striders go.

15th of Sunsebb

The festival proper starts. The drinking competition is at the Tipped_Tankard. Both Ben and Rassi out drink their opponents and advance to the next round. That evening it begins to rain.

16th of Sunsebb

The rain continues throughout the day, picking up in intensity.

In the morning is the Crater_Lake_Monster_Hunt. It's a swimming competition hosted by Blue_Water_Academy. The crater lake is filled with small toy boats. Competitors swim in and grab at boats. One of the boats is enchanted with an illusion that triggers when grabbed. Kyrin, Rassi, Maeglin, and Verana compete. Kyrin finds the enchanted boat. An illusion of a giant tentacle lashes out at Kyrin, but leaves him unharmed. The reward is small trophy and three invitations to the Demonskar_Ball.

In the evening is the second round of the drinking competition. Rassi again easily stays on her feet longer than her challenger and advances.

17th of Sunsebb

The rain continues to fall hard. The street festival begins, but the mood is subdued. There are rumors that the waters are rising more quickly than usual.

At mid-day the crowd gathers at the north end of the lake for the ceremony. A large illusion floats at the edge of the lake. The illusion magnifies an official. The official seems to be stalling, and after much delay he announces that the wands are unavailable. There will be news in the evening.

As the crowd is dispersing, an acolyte of St._Cuthbert rushes up to Tarik's Company. Jenya wants to see the Company about the wands. When the Company arrives, Jenya explains that she received magical word from Sarcem. He has the wands of control_water and is at the Lucky_Monkey. The Lucky Monkey is under attack by bandits and a "barbaric apeman." The Company heads out immediately on provided horses to rescue Sarcem and the wands.

The Lucky Monkey is a sprawling, well worn building. The Company arrives to find the bandits celebrating. The Company quickly dispatches the bandits and investigates inside. Further in the Company slays a group of baboons eating some corpses. As the Company regroups, a half-baboon, half-man attacks the group. When slain, it reverts to human form. The were-baboon wears the symbol of the Ebon_Triad.

(2005-12-04. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company searches the Lucky Monkey for survivers. In the cellar the Company slays several more bandits. A sole survivor, the drow woman Shensen is found unconcious behind a crude brown_mold trap she crafted to protect herself.

Out back is pile of bodies. After slaying two velociraptors scavenging, the Company locates Sarcem's body. Sarcem's gear is present, but the wands are missing.

Lacking any leads, the Company heads back to Cauldron with Sarcem's body. The party also learns that Shensen is a member of the Striders_of_Fharlanghn.

18th of Sunsebb

Shensen returns to thank the party. Shensen describes the woman who was with the bandits, but was not present when the Company arrived. The woman had curly red hair, and red and purple tattoos on her face and legs. She wore spiked full plate armor and a holy symbol of Hextor.

On a lead from Maeglin, the Company learns of a woman with curly red hair: Triel_Elderast. Triel was a member of the town guard. While breaking up a fight at the Rusted Nail, Triel went insane and slew several guards. Badly injured, she fled into the jungle. She is presumed dead.

Tygot reveals that the black ceramic and iron coins are probably associated with the failed invasion of the demon Nabtathorian from the Demonskar. Spellmason drove the demonic invasion off.

From Jenya the company learns of the history of the Lowering_of_the_Waters. In previous years the various churches of the city worked to craft the wands themselves. Because of light rains in the last few years, people have become jaded to the entire thing. This year Ike_Iverson of Wee_Jas announced the temple was pulling out. The temple of Kord decided to instead support the sporting events at the festival. The high priest of Pelor was slain by brigands; his replacement is not powerful enough to create the wand. Unable to create all of the wands himself, Sarcem was granted funds by the Lord_Mayor's office to purchase wands in Sasserine.

Sarcem's soul refused to be raised from the dead. Jenya allows the party to speak_with_dead with Sarcem, but the answer are unhelpful. Asking the Star_of_Justice proves more fruitful. It responds, "The one who sears flesh at the fallen cup knows of the ruined lair. Seek the wands with the three builders. One of them has had an accident." The clue leads the party to Arty_Schemwick, cook at the Tipped_Tankard. Magically charmed, Arty reveals that he has been supplying Triel with weapons. Arty gives the company directions to Triel's lair down a lava tube outside of town.

The lava tube leads to a large underground lake. A gondola system connects the lava tube's ledge high above lake to a beach across the lake. Tarik's Company fails to bluff warriors guarding the winch mechanism. After slaying the guards the Company takes the gondola down to the beach. There the party is badly injured by a collapsing roof trap. The beach ends in the walls of the cavern, into which has been carved a large building with wide stone doors.

(2005-12-11. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Tarik's_Company explores the strange building. The company slays a powerful halfling wizard and his guards. From the wizard's body the party recovers the first stolen wand and several magical items. The wizard's magically locked and trapped inner chamber proves to hold the second wand. Another part of the building has a large water filled pit covered with an illusion. After rescuing Maeglin from water dwelling oozes, the company recovered a third wand from the pit.

(2005-12-18. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company continues exploring, slaying a small group of mercenaries. Drained after many fights, the Company camps out in the armory. Aidan uses stone_shape to block the door. During the night a group of mercenaries attempts to enter, but is unable to break Aidan's sealing.

19th of Sunsebb

Aidan unseals the doors and the Company slays the small group of mercenaries waiting beyond. The Company surprises and slays two small groups of mercenaries who are watching arrow slits in the main hallway. Verana leads the party around two pit traps in the main hallway. The hallway opens to a huge chamber where the Company defeats a mud slaad.

Exploring the north end of the complex, the Company finally locates Triel. After a brief but bloody fight, they recover three wands_of_control_water from her corpse.

In natural caves further north the Company sees but decides to avoid a skeletal tyrannosaurus. Further in, guarded by a glyph_of_warding and some zombies is a huecuva gnoll. The gnoll has another of the stolen wands.

(2006-01-15. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

After some magical preparation, the Company faces the skeletal tyrannosaur. It is a formitable foe, but the preparations pay off and the company destroys it. Further in the company finds and destroys zombie orcs and Spawn_of_Kyuss. The Spawn are guarding a stone chest. Inside the chest are sacks full of coins. The sacks are marked with a birdcage symbol.

Returning to areas previously left unexplored, the party tangles with and slays several large spiders and ettercaps. A chest in the area holds the final stolen wand.

Having recovered all of the wands, the Company heads back to town. The water is already ankle deep on Ash_Avenue. Jenya, a group of her acolytes, and Aidan use the wands to lower the lake several feet.

20th of Sunsebb

The mayor's office, through Jenya, rewards the Company with 500 platinum pieces.

Chapter Four: Zenith Trajectory

(2006-01-22. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

21st of Sunsebb

The Company is visited by Sarcem's ghost. Sarcem's spirit has remained bound to the material plane through his armor. He forsees hard times ahead and wishes to help the Company. The Company agrees to sacrifice a bit of their life energy to bind themselves to Sarcem. Sarcem will then be able to protect and heal the Company from beyond.

21st of Sunsebb through 26th of Sunsebb

With the flood dealt with, the Lowering_of_the_Waters festival restarts. Rassi wins the Drink_Down_the_Flood competition, but collapses with her third drink when facing Lord_Vhalantru. Tarik moves into his house and orders some renovations. Tarik also creates magical items for various party members. As thanks for recovering the wands, Tarik's Company is invited to the Demonskar_Ball.

27th of Sunsebb

The Company attends the Demonskar_Ball. A portion of party goers are asked to dress like demons. Two are asked to portray Sundabar_Spellmason and the demon Nabtathorian and to do a brief pagent of Spellmason's victor over the demon. Tarik is asked to be Nabtathorian and an elaborate costume provided. Spellmason is played by Zachary_Aslaxin_III. The symbolic battle is brief, with Zachary using the opportunity to strike several nonserious but painful blows on Tarik. Maeglin brings Shensen. Verana brings the carnie Detrick. Aidan brings Filia_Sturmguard. Kyrin manages to concince Annah_Taskerhill to come with him, but she refuses to see him again at the end of the night.

(2006-01-24. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

  • Note: These events were resolved outside of a normal game session. The GM worked with players one-on-one to resolve the events of the down time.

28th of Sunsebb through 10th of Readying

Tarik's Company settles down.

Shensen helps grow a small tree in Tarik's yard so that it will be large enough to support a tree house for Rassi. Kyrin designs the treehouse and arranged to have it built.

Tarik crafts magical items for various party members.

There are changes in the city over the weeks. Taxes are increased. The standard tax for citizens is raised from 1 gold piece per year to 5 gold pieces.

Half-orc mercenaries have been hired to supplement the city guard. They behave like thugs.

The Magical Threats Agency ends up being mostly independent, not working under Skellerang.

Maeglin and Shensen spend a great deal of time together.

Aidan spends time courting Filia.

Detrick regularly visits Cauldron to see Verana.

Aidan spends time and money supporting the Lantern_Street_Orphanage.

Alek_Tercival has been missing for some time. Maeglin and Verana go to Redgorge to investigate. No one in Red Gorge has seen Alek, nor is there a possession requiring an exorcism.

Rassi sees Corah_Lathenmier acting up at one of Annah_Taskerhill's performances at the Tip_Tankard. Rassi cusses out Corah. Corah tries to start a fight, but is dragged out of the bar by Zachary_Aslaxin_III.

There is word that Corah and Zachary were seeing each other but broke up because Zach has feelings for Annah.

There is word that the Last_Laugh has resurfaced and is recruiting. There is also word that the Alleybashers have recently been destroyed while working as guards in a lair under the city. They may have been the guards working for Triel.

While camping in the jungle, Rassi entered a clearing as a group of baboons were leaving. In the clearing were piles of stones similar to monoliths.

Kyrin studies the harp and composes a song about his love for Annah.

Tarik joins the Blue_Water_Academy and studies Sundabar_Spellmason.

Tarik goes to Hollowsky to visit his old master Ottam_Rorynel. Unfortunately several days earlier Ottam had died after a sudden illness. Alcoa, another of Ottam's old apprentices, had seen Ottam before he died. Alcoa thinks Ottam was poisoned.

(2006-01-22. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

  • The events documented here are part of the 2006-01-22 session, but occur after the events handled out of game in 2006-01-24

11th of Readying

Tarik's Company is heading to lunch with Jenya when an umber_hulk breaks out of a building and wrecks havok in Cauldron. Many bystanders are injured at the hulk's confusion ability drives them mad and they attack each other. Tarik's Company slays the hulk, primarily through three lightning_bolts from Kyrin.

(2006-01-29. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The building the umber_hulk originally burst out of is a warehouse for Maavu's_Imports. Inside a summoning circle has been scribed into the floor. The circle was configured to delay the umber hulk's release, presumably to give the perpetrator time to escape.

Meeting with Jenya, the group learns that churchs are now being taxes at 15% of their income.

The group is invited to meet Celeste and Davked, "associates of the Lord Mayor's Office" tomorrow at the noble's club Cusp_of_Sunrise for evening meal. Davked_Splintershield is an old, respected dwarf.

Check on the missing Alek_Tercival, neither Jenya nor Alek's mother, Lady_Ketra are too worried. Lady Ketra says that Alek had also mentioned heading "down the river" to look into something.

12th of Readying

While waiting for Davked and Celeste, the party mingles with a variety of nobles in The Cusp of Sunrise. The party meets a dwarf wearing a leather half mask who introduces himself as Adric_Garthun. Kyrin chats briefly with Lord_Ankin_Taskerhill, where he learns someone has been slandering Kyrin, suggesting that Kyrin has been insulting Annah. Kyrin clarifies the situation.

The party is then lead to Mistress Celeste and Master Davked_Splintershield. Davked is an old, very frail looking dwarven man. He has three sons with whom is was estranged. His wife Marta blamed Davked for driving her sons away. She died about a year ago. With her dying breath, she cursed her husband to waste away unless he reunited with his sons. Davked has reconciled with two of his sons. Davked's third son is Zenith_Splintershield, once lord of the Malachite_Fortress. A decade ago Zenith formed a company to purge the Underdark of evil. Zenith has not been heard from since. Divinations reveal that Zenith is still alive and is being held in a kuo-toan shrine called Bhal-hamatugn.

Davked is too drained by the curse to seek out his son. He offer the company 36,000 gold pieces to rescue his son.

The Stormblades have sealed all known entrances into the Underdark. There is a fissure into the Underdark north of the city. Celeste provides a map to the hermit Crazy_Jared who knows the way. The company accepts the task.

13th of Readying

The party prepares for the four day trip to Crazy Jared, then heads out.

14th of Readying

Near noon the party is attacked by a roc. They quickly slay it.

16th of Readying

The company arrives at grassy plain, in the center of which is a large hut. A huge red_dragon hovers over the hut and sets it ablaze. A man in tattered robes flees the burning hut and shouts for his knights. The party rushes to the man's defense, battling the dragon. During the battle the dragon identifies itself as Gottrod, son of Hookface. The battle is fierce. The dragon is largely immune to the spell caster's offensive spells. A magically enhanced Rassi does most of the damage and eventually slays the dragon, in the process coming up to death's door herself.

(2006-02-05. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The old man claims to be King_Jared_the_IV of Andurai. He's clearly crazy, but uses bardic magic to create illusions of his beliefs. He offers Tarik's Company a boon for their saving him. He draws a map to a nearby entrance into the Underdark, the Pit_of_the_Seven_Jaws.

17th of Readying

A half-days travel leads to the Pit, a roughly square hole in the ground with a metal staircase winding around the outside. The Company slays a cryohydra who lairs at the bottom of the pit and probably give the Pit it's name. At the bottom of the pit is a dead, frozen drow with the Company loots.

At the bottom of the Pit is a tunnel into the Underdark. It spans for many miles with occasional forks. The party follows the largest tunnel into the evening. Around mid-evening the Company is attacked by a behir, which they slay.

Near midnight the Company camps in a side passage. During the night they are ambused by two driders. It's tough fight, leaving several Company members badly wounded and Maeglin so weak from poison that he cannot carry his own gear.

18th of Readying

Aidan's healing magic restores most of Maeglin's strength.

The tunnel ends in a huge cavern, partially covered in water. On the far side of the underground lake is a structure shaped like a large, spiny fish. At the edge of the water the Company encounters a kuo-toa in a canoe who offers to take the party across. The kuo-toa takes the party most of the way, then tries to tip the canoe over. The kuo-toa fails and the Company slay it.

The large fish structure is a shrine of some sort. The Company heads in, only to be attacked by two groups of kuo-toa. Fortunately the fish-men are easily defeated.

The company begins to explore the shrine.

(2006-02-12. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company find two prisoners held by the kuo-toa. Each of the prisoners accuses the other of aiding the kuo-toa. The Company decides to leave the prisoners imprisoned for their own safety.

Exploring the temple, the Company encounters and destroys an animate mummy.

The company attempts to sneak in the back of the main temple, but end up in a battle with a powerful group of kuo-toa. After defeating the kuo-toa, the eyes of the large statue of Blibdoolpoolp flash, summoning a erinyes to defend the temple. After a hard fight the Company slay the devil.

Badly battered, the company retreats to the kuo-toan armory and rest for the night.

19th of Readying

During the night a group of kuo-toa attack, but they are quickly defeated by the Company.

Heading back, the party finds the two prisoners have been slain, presumably by the kuo-toa.

Searching the lowest level of the shrine, the Company battles several kuo-toa and a swarm of a strange kuo-toa and dragon hybrid, kuo-toa spawn.

(2006-02-19. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Stairs in the basement led to a black_dragon. The dragon complained that the party had slain its "children." The party slew the dragon. Beyond portcullis in the basement was a chamber where eggs once were, but was empty when the party arrived.

Elsewhere in the basement was a chamber of kuo-toa bodies, some of which showed signs of something having eaten its way out. This may have been the source of the kuo-toa spawn. The room was trapped with a pit trap. After Rassi fell in a wraith attacked and was eventually destroyed.

On the third floor Tarik's_Company battled two kuo-toa assassins. Further in was Zenith_Splintershield's chamber. Dwarven corpses hung from the ceiling; his family's banners were displayed upside-down. Zenith had gone mad and attacked the party, summonging an invisible_stalker to aid him. The party subdued Zenith and took him back to the city. On the way he muttered about a smoking_eye and a path of flame.

23rd of Readying

Chapter Five: The Demonskar Legacy

(2006-02-26. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Arriving back in Cauldron, the Company discovers that tax_collectors have hired and are hitting people up for extra taxes. Half-orc mercenaries have been hired to supplement the city_guard. Jenya agrees to try and heal Zenith's mind.

24th of Readying

Jenya was unable to help Zenith. He believes he is precognitive. He warns of a man_in_blue and that someone's mother is in danger. Lord_Vhalantru arrives on behalf of Davked and Celeste. He overpays the company, then takes Zenith to the Cusp_of_Sunrise.

25th of Readying

Rassi's cousin Goddfrey arrives. He has had his pixie-curse lifted.

26th of Readying

The Company dines with Aidan's family.

27th of Readying

Tarik attends a dinner party with Lord_Vhalantru.

1st of Coldeven

The Company runs into Alek_Tercival who is acting strangely, less piously. He has found some historical artifacts he sold to Tygot to support his family. Alek is concerned about Cauldron's government. The Company encourages Alek to speak with Jenya about his fears before heading out again.

2nd of Coldeven

The Company speaks with Jenya. She has not see Alek in a month and is worried about his strange behavior.

3rd of Coldeven - 17th of Coldeven

The company hears of more strange behavior on Alek's part. He got in a fight with the Stormblades. He exhibited super-human strength while helping to rebuild the Lucky_Monkey.

Lord Mayor Severen has told the city nobles that recent bad events are a prelude to the overthrow of the nobility. While the city council did not vote on the new taxes, because of the threat they currently support them.

Word is that baboons and dinosaurs in the jungle have been acting strangely.

There is a report that the Stormblades are in the Underdark retreiving a powerful magic item stolen from the Lord_Mayor's home.

18th of Coldeven - 22nd of Coldeven

Rassi's tribe visits town to see the restored Goddfrey. They spend several days partying and seeing the sights.

Meanwhile the townsfork are getting frustrated with the seemingly arbitrary taxes.

23rd of Coldeven

Fliers are being distributed across the city calling for people to meet outside of City Hall to protest. The publisher of the Cauldron_City_Broadsheet is arrested for potentially printing the fliers.

That evening the protest begins. Maavu speaks to the crowd, saying that Alek has challenged Terseon_Skellerang to a dual. If Alek wins, he will claim the position of Captain_of_the_Guard. Maavu claims that the city council have ignored the challenge.

A group of half-orc mercenaries approach Maavu to stop him. Someone in the crowd pulls out a dagger to attack the half-orcs. A riot erupts.

(2006-03-05. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The protest descends into a riot. The half-orc mercenaries are quickly slain. A breath drinker air elemental is summoned and attacks Maavu. Tarik's Company drives the elemental away. Archers on rooftops wearing Last_Laugh makeup open fire on Maavu, but are thwarted by Kyrin's wind_wall. Maavu escapes using a potion of gaseous_form. The archers flee.

The Company runs into Maavu. He's heading out to Redgorge and the Company can meet him at the Red_Headed_Miner's_Inn. The codeword "morter" will let the barkeep know to trust the Company. Maavu did organize the rally. He's part of The_Chisel, a secret organization.

As the company regroups, there is a cry of a fire near the docks. Tarik's Company rushes to the lake to find Minuta's_Board burning down. The half-orc mercenaries have been boarding there. Two fire elementals set the place ablaze. Tarik's company destroys the elementals. A man in blue robes with blue hair arrives and puts the fire out with a cone_of_cold. He thanks the Company but refuses to identify himself.

24th of Coldeven

The half-orc mercenaries are moved outside the east gate of town.

The Company visits Tygot. They learn that Alek_Tercival has been selling antiques he has found. Several of the items are interesting, especially the Hegemonic_Plate. The plate depicts spellweavers enslaving ogres with Amaranth_Elixir. The elixir makes those who take it extremely strong, but saps their willpower. It also depicts the Starry_Mirror and the pattern 3 4 5 1 2 3. On the back is a crude map. It appears to depict a location south-west of Cauldron.

(2006-03-12. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

25th of Coldeven

26th of Coldeven

27th of Coldeven

28th of Coldeven

1st of Growfest


(2006-03-19. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

2nd of Growfest


(2006-03-26. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

3rd of Growfest

4th of Growfest

5th of Growfest

6th of Growfest

7th of Growfest


Chapter Six: The Test of the Smoking Eye

(2006-05-07. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

1st of Planting

3rd of Planting

13th of Planting

14th of Planting


(2006-05-14. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

27th of Planting

28th of Planting


(2006-05-21. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

1st of Flocktime


(2006-05-25. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)


(2006-06-11. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

2nd of Flocktime

3rd of Flocktime


Chapter Seven: Secrets of the Soul Pillars

(2006-07-02. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

4th of Flocktime

5th of Flocktime


(2006-07-09. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

12th of Flocktime


(2006-07-16. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

13th of Flocktime

  • A visit to the town hall to inquire on Meriam goes poorly, leading to the slaying of a group of half-orc mercenaries and the springing of Meriam from jail. A visit to the Drunken_Morkoth reveals several town guards have been slain. The party arranges to have the guards raised from the dead. A clue suggests that the Spire_of_the_Stern_Lady is responsible for the ill in the city.

14th of Flocktime

  • The company heads to the Spire of the Stern Lady and is immediately attacked. The party explores the temple, slaying the occupants, including Ike_Iverson.

(2006-08-06. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

The party finds a Cagewright cage. Tarik's Company finds Zachary_Aslaxin_III in a back room in the temple. He has been turned into a sentient spawn_of_Kyuss. The company destroys him. The company takes the Cagewright cage to Jenya. At Jenya's suggestion the company reports their findings to the town guard and a tax collector. The tax collector suggests that the company will be punished for their actions. The company has its loot identified and sells much of it. Research reveals that Karran-Kural is a spellweaver location in the Demonskar.

(2006-08-20. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

18th of Flocktime

23rd of Flocktime

24th of Flocktime


(2006-08-27. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

(2006-09-03. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's Company interrogates their prisoner, it's Fetor_Abradius. Before he can answer many questions he teleports away. The company finds a pool of black ice that functions as a scrying pool.

27th of Flocktime

  • The company scries on Fetor in time to see him banished from a gathering by Kaurophon. Fetor is teleported, naked, back to the company, who recaptures him. The now desperate Fetor reveals all and helps the company clear Karran-Kural. He cannot tell the company the location of the Fiery_Sanctum the lair of the_Thirteen because a powerful magic forbids it. He refuses to identify The Thirteen for fear of his life.

    The company slays who of Fetor's associates: Orgo the half-orc warrior and Xale the bone_naga. The Soul_Pillars themselve are giant fleshy pillars. The spellweavers placed their knowledge in the pillars. Although difficult, it is possible to commune with the pillars to learn their knowledge. For the_Thirteen Fetor researched the end of the gate opening ritual. The gate will open to Carceri. Since then he has been doing research for the sake of general knowledge.

    Five of the seven pillars are guarded by Vittriss_Bale, a green dracolich. The company slays Bale and claims his horde.

Chapter Eight: Lords of Oblivion

(2006-09-10. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

28th of Flocktime

(2006-09-17. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

16th of Ready'reat


(2006-09-24. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

2nd of Wealsun

  • The city is falling apart. One of the Smoking Eye cult bases has been bombed by the_resistance. Crowds have gathered on Ash Avenue and have turned to looting and spectating knife fights. There is evidence that all is being orchestrated by the Last_Laugh. The Striders_of_Fharlanghn ask Tarik's Company to help: Fellian has been kidnapped by the Last Laugh, who are torturing him for informatino on Vhalantru's forces.

(2006-10-01. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)


(2006-10-07. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

3rd of Wealsun

(2006-10-15. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

4th of Wealsun?


(2006-10-29. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Frost giants attempt to invade Cauldron. The initial wave is repulsed by Cauldron forces on two sides and Tarik's_Company on the the third. The second and larger wave is defeated by Rassi's tribe of gnomes. The jarl of the giants is slain by Tarik's Company.

(2006-11-05. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

5th of Wealsun

  • The company rests and recuperates. They loot the remaining things in Vhalantru's lair. Rassi and Foloni ambush each other in the city as part of their final marriage preparations.

8th of Wealsun

9th of Wealsun

10th of Wealsun

  • There is a public meeting explaining Vhalantru's treachery.

11th of Wealsun

  • The company sells loot and purchases equipment. They retreat to the place out of time to craft a number of items.

Chapter Nine: Gate Town

(2006-11-12. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

15th of Wealsun


(2006-11-19. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

16th of Wealsun

  • The Company regroups.

17th of Wealsun

(2006-11-26. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's_Company continues fending off fiendish beings and evacuating the city. The gates to Carceri and Occipitus appear, but the company slays the beings completing the ritual on the Cauldron side of the gate, thus delaying the ritual.

(2006-12-03. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

16th of Ready'reat


(2006-12-26. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's_Company is magically summoned back to Occipitus by the Proctor. The Proctor also summons Maeglin's spirit. The Proctor wants to know if the Company still wants to complete the Test_of_the_Smoking_Eye and to determine if th Company is capable of doing so. After a series of interviews with Company members, he sends the Maeglin back to his rest, and the surviving Company to the entrance of Spellmason's_tomb.


Chapter Ten: Thirteen Cages

(2007-01-07. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

(2007-01-14. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

16th of Ready'reat


(2007-01-21. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's_Company continues delving into Spellmason's_tomb. While desecrating a symbol of the Smoking_Eye, the Company is transported into the tomb's own past. There they discover that spellweavers had previously invaded the tomb and were tapping it for magical energy. The Company destroyed the link, collapsing much of the tomb. Then the Company was sent back to the present. The Company moved further into the Fiery_Sanctum, slaying a member of the_Thirteen and trapping another.

(2007-01-28. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

19th of Wealsun


(2007-02-04. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

20th of Wealsun

  • The Cauldron refugees return home. There are plans for a celebration in two days. People start picking up their lives. Tarik's_Company goes to Sasserine to sell loot and purchase supplies.

21st of Wealsun

(2007-02-11. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)


(2007-02-18. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's Company questions their prisoner, learning that the assassins were sent by Hookface.

    In the morning Kyrin faces his duel with Lord_Taskerhill and Lord_Aslaxin. He kills Aslaxin. Taskerhill concedes.

    There is excitement in town. It seems that Zachary_Aslaxin_III has set his family home on fire, cut his father's corpse up, then fled with his father's head.

    After helping put out the fires at te Aslaxin mansion, Tarik's Company investigates a secret passage. It leads to a secret prison with several bodies slain with divine magic. A door further in unleashes a trap that collapses te mansion.

Chapter Eleven: Strike on the Shatterhorn

(2007-04-01. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

24th of Wealsun

  • Tarik's_Company catches up with Zachary_Aslaxin_III in time to save him from a group of Draeloth. The Draeloth are men working for both the Aslaxin and drow. The Company learns that Zachary took his father's head to ensure he could not be resurrected and allowed to continue his evil ways. The company heads to Sasserine with him and let him go.

25th of Wealsun

  • The Company intercepts Lady_Knowlern's caravan on its way to Sasserine. They search the caravan and find several slaves of the drow who have been magically turned to stone. They also find a petrified woman who may be the original Lady_Aslaxin. The Company captures the lady and her guards and prepares to magically teleport them to Cauldron to stand trial.

(2007-04-15. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

26th of Wealsun

28th of Wealsun

  • There is a meeting of the nobility, the churches, several adventuring parties, and some of the merchants to discuss the city's future.

1st of Richfest

  • Tarik's Company greater_teleports out to Hookface's lair and makes their way inside, defeating guarding and avoiding traps.

(2007-04-18. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's Company finds the hollow corpse of Hookface, then is attacked by several godslayer spawn_of_Tiamat. Venturing further in, they discover that Hookface has been reborn after pledging himself to Tiamat and sacrificing all of his wealth. After a climactic battle, they slay Hookface and one of Tiamat's clerics.

(2007-05-06. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

2nd of Richfest

(2007-05-13. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

(2007-05-20. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

(2007-05-27. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)


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