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Rassifina Erleichda Mackrelmint Thimblebock Nobwocket -- Rassi for short -- was born to one of the many barbarian tribes that lived in the Amedio_Jungle outside of Cauldron. Growing up she heard stories about how the gnomes originally lived in the city, and those stories made a deep impression on her.

As she was growing up, her tribe also encountered humans, elves and other folks traveling to (or from) Cauldron. Many of those people were willing to trade items and while they were around, they would entertain Rassi with a few stories about Cauldron and its mythology. That whetted her appetite to travel and see the big city. Not to mention, the mythology about how gnomes originally came from Cauldron has her curousity going to find out more about her past.

Rassi's a tiny girl -- little over three feet tall. She's got deeply tanned brown skin, long black hair tied in two braided pigtails and bright blue eyes which have a manical gleam when she's fighting. Her build, while thick, is muscular, not fatty.

She wears a chain shirt, loincloth and runs around barefoot. She's also armed with a sword that looks about as tall as she is, but she wields it deftly. Underneath the chain shirt is a simple banded top made out of leather. She also has a large tribal tattoo on her back of what looks like a phoenix. If you ask her about it, she'll say it was part of her coming of age ritual and yes, it hurt like hell.


Rassi's Tattoo

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The tattoos are chosen based on what visions a person has during the coming of age ritual. Rassi saw a lot visions of a phoenix and several elders said that it was a prophecy that she would follow in her great aunt's footsteps and become a great warrior that would aid her tribe in the future.

Rassi is also a newlywed, marrying her longtime love Folonious Bramblewine Roonnottin Nobwocket on the 9th of Wealsun after an epic battle against frost giants in Cauldron.

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Rassi's letters

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