Date: Monday, September 05, 2005 1:09 AM -0500

Subject: [Dnd] More pronouncements from on High

Remembered what I was going to say...

1.) This campaign is a traditional dungeon crawling event. With a few exceptions, and they'll be either obvious or pointed out, the dungeons are designed such that you'll be able to pull back and rest, or once you've cleared out an area or two be safe enough to camp. So, don't feel like you have to stretch your resources out over one marathon delve. On the same token, don't blow your wad in one go either. The most important tactic an adventuring party should be able to learn is when to attack and when to retreat. This campaign (and this GM in particular) rewards good tactics as much as a good swordarm, and it's something to keep in mind.

2.) I realized I should have mentioned this while we were doing character creation, but here it is now: Skills are heavily made use of during the course of this campaign. Nearly every skills you have on your sheet will see use at least once in this campaign...with a single exception. It's important enough and signifigant in a world setting sort of way that I thought I'd mention it. Ride will probably not see much use during the game's run. On the flip side, and equally worth mentioning, is that Gather Information is your friend. The campaign is built with nosy PCs in mind, so make sure to keep your ears and eyes open in the taproom. You never know what you'll hear about next.


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