The Malachite Fortress is an underground abandoned dwarven base. It has since been taken over by Kazmojen and his hobgoblin minions.


1. Elevator. Goes up to Jzadirune.

2. Control room. Controls elevator.

3. Entryway. A stone_spike elemental bars passage to non-hobgoblins. Combat likely draws the otyugh from 4.

4. Otyugh's lair. An otyugh polymorphed into an ogre lives here. The room is filthy. The otyugh has a key to open a chest. The chest contains silver and gold coins, two deep green spineals, and a healing potion in a dried fungus flask.

5. Hallway.

6. Armory. Dusty dwarven armor and weapons, including a masterwork great axe and masterwork dwarven war axe, lay abandoned here.

7. Forge. Four hobgoblins and three goblins watch over slaves working the forge. The slaves are Sondor, a dwarven woman; Janeer, a human man; and Maple, a human woman. One of the otyugh's keys (4) unlocks the shackles holding the prisoners.

8. Dining hall.

9. Goblin bedroom.

10. Larder.

11. Kitchen. Two goblins keep an eye on the prisoner Gryffon as he cooks.

12. Pantry. There are some exotic spices.

13. Display hall. Kazmojen is here negotiating the sale of four children to a durzagon. They are guarded by tho hobgoblins and a howler. As battle is joined, two more hobgoblins burst in from the west. The children are the ones kidnapped from the Lantern_Street_Orphanage, including Terram_Kharatys and Deakon. When Kazmojen is defeated, a beholder magically appeared. The beholder claimed to be rescuing Terram. The beholder grabbed Terram, tossed the party a pouch of coin, and disappeared. With the beholder gone, nine more hobgoblins charge in from the west. The beholder's pouch contained platinum coins. The durzagon's bone box contained a bag_of_holding full of basic supplies and two potions. Kazmojen has full plate mail, a masterwork dwarven urgosh, a keyring with a number of keys and some gold. One of the hobgoblins has noteworthy gear, including banded mail, a long sword, two potions, and some coins.

14. Hallway.

15. Bridge. To the south are statues of a dwarven man and woman holding urgoshes.

16. False cooridor. Illusionary walls hide side chambers. The side chambers hold a pair of hammer_automatons.

17. Cell blocks. These cells are all empty.

18. Storage. Personal equipment taken from the slaves is stored here.

19. Cell blocks. Three human women, a human man, and a gnomish man are imprisoned here. There personal effects are stored in 18. One of the women is badly injured from torture.

20. Hobgoblin bunkhouse.

21. Small forge. The hobgoblins have converted it into a torture chamber.

22. Trapped room. There is a spiked pit trap filling the room.

23. Treasure chamber. A mimic disguised as a gong guards the treasure. Open casks of oak, fungus, and iron hold piles of silver, copper, gold. There is masterwork armor, a chain shirt and studded leather. There is an exceptionally strong pull shortbow. There is a masterwork, silvered, two-bladed sword, a darkwood shield piled with silver, and a large steel shield piled with copper. An engraved stone bowl holds a selection of gems inside, including two pearls. There is an iron horn set with bloodstones. An ash walking cane with a silver angel-shaped handle hides a small compartment holding a healing potion. There are three chests, all opened with keys Kazmojen was holding. An iron chest holds four large iron keys shaped like black demons and a pile of silver pieces. A scorched chest is filled with black enameled iron coins, gold pieces, a silver cresant moon pendant on a silver chain, and two potions. The black coins bear the imprint of a demon, a glabrezu. A dagger chest has a magical trap and is full of glass beads. An iron lever is on the wall, it probably disables the trap in 22.

24. Office. The room is decorated with skulls and humanoid skins. There is paperwork in a concealed drawer under a bone and leather chair.

25. Hallway.

26. Entryway. There are several braziers shaped like xorn. A nine foot tall, pale malachite statue of a the dwarf Zenith_Splintershield stands in the northeast. It has two large onyx gems for eyes. The gemstones are bound with a potent glue that can be removed with universal_solvent. The statue is wrapped in chains. The chains are an animated object which attacks.

27. Quarters. Two lemures lurk here. An iron chest contains two potions and some mundane equipment including shackles.

28. Guard barracks.

29. Private quarters.

30. Private quarters.

31. Barracks.

32. Empty.

33. Bridge. It leads further into the Underdark.


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