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An Elven fighter played by BrianDeSmet.

Former member of Tarik's_Company.

On the 3rd of Flocktime (2006-06-11) Maeglin was turned to stone by a retriever. Kaurophon sacrified Maeglin's petrified body to a magical fire in Occipitus to complete the Test_of_the_Smoking_Eye. Without a body he could not be magically restored to life. (Out of character, Maeglin's player moved to another city to take a new job.)

Basic Info


Back story for the GM

Maeglin's parents (who were only children) died of natural causes in their sleep. This did not scar Maeglin and his sister as their parents had lived good lives and were relatively old. Their bodies were cremated and the ashes cast to the sea by Maeglin and his sister. He has only the one sibling. They moved around a good deal as kids and thus have no real friends anywhere. This wasn't a problem as they always had each other as friends. Their parents had no immediate relatives while Maeglin and his sister were alive.

Back story for everyone else to read

Being Born and the Parents

Maeglin and his twin sister were born to Teliana and Maittias in some random town. Teliana and Maittias had been guards and scouts for supply and trading caravans. Maittias was a light magic user and scout. Teliana was a scout and guard. They both worshiped the Elven pantehon, with Maittias also workshipping Boccob.

Teliana and Maittias married not because they were lovebirds or anything, but because they cared for each other (having found themselves working togeteher on many of the same caravans) and there were few other Elven mates.

Growing Up in Darven's Cove

Teliana and Maittias settled down in Darven's_Cove, a primarily human and eleven community, to raise their children. They chose Darven's_Cove because it was an area they often traveled through with the merchants they were hired to protect. The Telemmaite parents took up the craft of working animal skins. They turned skins into leather, but didn't do much finished leather product construction. They did most of their work for a handful of leatherworkers who made finished products.

The town had a community run school through around age 12 (human years). There were no permanent teachers, the duties of teaching was passed around between most of the adults of the community. It made for a slightly uneven but definately varied education.

Of all of the festival weeks, Summerfest was the one the town made a big deal of. While it was not the spring break destination of partying half-elves, it was quite a party where little real work was done.

Protecting his Sister

While Maeglin took it upon himself to protect his his sister, his parents did encourage this behavior. He most often needed to come to her aid when her quick tongue got her into trouble. But on more than one occassion he covered up for her after she did somethin their parents would most definately not approve of. A particularly memorable example was when she was first introduced to alcohol by a boyfriend and came home drunk as a mushroom marinated in rum. Much of the time his assistance was unasked for (but appreciated), but Verana would sometimes ask for help dealing with one of her "bad boy" boyfriends, a task he most definately enjoyed.


Growing up, Maeglin and Verana had in their parents an excellent example of a happy relationship. They saw compassion and a true honesty between their parents. Maeglin was a little confused by the fact that he did not see the type of "love" between them that he saw between his parents friends that were married.

Maeglin Leaves home

Having decided that leatherworking was not what he wanted to do with his life, Maeglin left Darven's_Cove, he decided he needed to see a little of the world, and signed on to a caravan as a driver (having been deemed to inexperienced to be a guard). When he left, he was presented with a traveling cloak made by his parents. It is gray/green dyed leather and lined in black. The collar was intricately embrodiered with an assortment of elven symbols. He spent three months with that first caravan, having been raised to the status (and pay) of a guard after they were ambushed by brigands and he proved himself more capable then several of the current guards.

Nearly 9 months were spent traveling around the south west corner of Grayhawk. He worked mostly as a guard for merchant caravan's, but he also acted as a bodyguard, worked as a sparring partner for a couple of noble kids, and assisted a town's guard with dealing with a band of savages that were attacking the town.

Maeglin arrives in Cauldron

About a year after he left, Maeglin finds himself in Cauldron hoping to join the city guard, to help society and not just help merchants make money. While the guard claims their are no positions available, Maeglin believes they simply don't trust him since he was not born in the city. He does occassionally get work as a courier to nearby towns for the guard, which is why he was in Redgorge on the 15th_of_Ready'reat. He had left Cauldron late the night before with an urgent message to the mayor of Redgorge.

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