The Lantern Street Orphanage is located on Lantern_Street. It is run by an elderly Halfling woman named Gretchen. It employs a Half-Orc janitor named Patch, who also tells the orphans bed-time stories.

Sometime in the night of the 15th_of_Ready'reat, or in the early morning of the 16th_of_Ready'reat, four children were abducted from the orphanage. The missing children were Terram, age nine, human. Lucinda, age eight, human. Evelyn, age nine, human. Deakon, age twenty, dwarf. Tarik's_Company came to investigate the matter on the 16th_of_Ready'reat, where they discovered that the locks on the front door and windows all came from Ghelve's_Locks.


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