Kaurophon is a hezrou.

Kaurophon possessed the body of a half-human, half-demon. In this form he has sharp teeth and his eyes are more widely seperated than a humans usually are. He has a faintly lizard-like appearance.

Using this disguise Kaurophon claimed to travel the outer planes. He claimed to serve the "higher planes" and desired to divest himself of his evil roots. He also claimed to hear a voice in his head, a voice he believes is the smoking_eye. Kaurophon claimed to want Occipitus under new rulership, but not himself. He claimed to have tried the Test_of_the_Smoking_Eye, but was unable to defeat the bebilith of the first test. He has a magical item that allows plane_shifting to Occipitus. He contacted Tarik's_Company in Sasserine and offered them passage to Occipitus.

Kyrin destroyed Kaurophon's false form while approaching the final test of the Test_of_the_Smoking_Eye. He did this when Kaurophon ignored Tarik's orders.

Kaurophon reappeared in hezrou form at the conclusion of the test. His allies slew Kyrin and petrified Maeglin. Kaurophon threw Maeglin's petrified body into the smoking eye of Occipitus, destroying Maeglin and fulfilling the last test. Aidan grabbed Kyrin's body and plane_shifted the surviving members back to the prime material plane. Kaurophon now rules Occipitus.


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