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The campaign notes for a group that ran through The Shackled City Adventure Path led by GM MichaelZenke. The game was set in the world of Greyhawk (Big Greyhawk map; Greyhawk_Calendar). There are plenty of spoilers contained within, but it should also be noted the game diverges heavily from the game's plot as set out in the canonical adventures. Events which occur after Chapter Six may bear little resemblance to the as-written encounters. Your mileage may vary.

The game is now complete. This web site will continue to be updated as old information is uploaded, cleaned up, and corrected. Chapter Twelve was not played at all; the GM felt it didn't integrate well into the game as he ran it.


Session chronology

The following summaries of sessions are vague to minimize spoilers. For a more complete and spoiler-filled summary of the sessions, see Session_Summaries.

2005-08-?? Pre game material: Game Invitiation, Campaign_Precis, Character Creation Notes, Campaign_Details, 2005-08-29 Newsletter

Chapter Zero: Prologue

(Summaries: Chapter_Zero:_Prologue)

2005-08-31: In the village of Redgorge the priest Adrian of St. Cuthbert seeks heroes to investigate disappearances from Cauldron. (2005-09-03: Newsletter (Homework), For Your Consideration from the GM, 2005-09-05: More pronouncements from on High)

Chapter One: Life's Bazaar

Wherein an overzealous merchant from deep below harvests too aggressively from a local orphanage, and overstays his welcome in the foundations below. (Summaries: Chapter_One:_Life's_Bazaar)

2005-09-11: The first real game session, wherein we discover the identity of the kidnappers. (2005-09-13 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-09-18: Descending into the ancient city we encounter doors, traps, and some other evil. (2005-09-26 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-10-02: We finish exploring the city, confront the leader of the monsters, and find a way farther down. (2005-10-04 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-10-09: A combination of luck and skill lead the party quickly to the kidnappings' mastermind. (2005-10-12 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-10-16: The party frees the remaining kidnapped people and returns them to Cauldron. (2005-10-17 Newsletter (Homework))

Chapter Two: Drakthar's Way

Wherein a tribe of goblins attracts too much attention and brings unwelcome guests to their master's den. (Summaries: Chapter_Two:_Drakthar's_Way)

2005-10-23: Goblin vandals assault the town. (2005-10-24 Newsletter (Homework), 2005-11-02_Extra_Homework)

2005-11-06: We learn of the goblin's leader and assault their base. (2005-11-10 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-11-13: We chase the goblin's leader to his hiding space and defeat him. (2005-11-15 Newsletter (Homework))

Chapter Three: Flood Season

Wherein a solid plan to ransom captured wands turns sour for three friends and their employees, and a local luminary loses his tongue. (Summaries: Chapter_Three:_Flood_Season)

2005-11-20: We craft some magic items and do some research. There are problems with the Lowering of the Waters ceremony. (2005-11-29 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-12-04: We chase after a thief. (2005-12-08 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-12-11: Explore the thief's lair. We recover several of the stolen objects. (2005-12-13 Newsletter (Homework))

2005-12-18: We recover most of the stolen objects.(2006-01-09 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-01-15: We recover the last of the stolen objects and return them to their owners. (2006-01-19 Newsletter (Homework))

Chapter Four: Zenith Trajectory

Wherein a tribe of the Sea Mother's children suffer for sparing the life of a mad prisoner they probably should have eaten. (Summaries: Chapter_Four:_Zenith_Trajectory)

2006-01-22: Investing in magical items, a festival, a party.

2006-01-24: 2006-01-24 Newsletter. The characters have some down time. (Not a standard session. Resolved via email and one-on-one discussion)

2006-01-22b: A monster appears. (In game, this occurred after the 2006-01-24 events)

2006-01-29: An estranged father seeks to reunite with his son. (2006-02-01 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-02-05: Into the Underdark. (2006-02-09 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-02-12: Tangling with kuo-toa. (2006-02-14 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-02-19: A dragon and a mad-man. (2006-02-23 Newsletter (Homework))

Chapter Five: The Demonskar Legacy

Wherein three sisters, an exiled demon, a twelve-foot tall smith, and a man made of mirrors meet grisly ends. (Summaries: Chapter_Five:_The_Demonskar_Legacy)

2006-02-26: Taxes, a party, and a riot.

2006-03-05: Agent provocateurs, a secret society, and a strange historical artifact. (2006-03-07 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-03-12: A boat trip and giants. (2006-03-13 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-03-19: More giants, some angels, and the Company reflects on a problem while the problem reflects upon the Company. (2006-03-19 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-03-26: A rainbow of flavors, followed by the arrival of a bad guy foreshadowed since the beginning of the game. (RFC_-_Action_Points, 2006-04-30 Newsletter (Homework))

Deadlands Interlude

2006-04-16: Somewhere very far away, a group of hired guns explores a sailing ship on a salty sea.

2006-04-23: Somewhere very far away, a salty cavern system beneath the burning flats is purged of evil.

2006-04-30: Somewhere very far away, a group of hired guns deals with a worm problem.

Chapter Six: The Test of the Smoking Eye

Wherein a demon's attempt to claim a land for his own results in sudden betrayal at the hands of his allies and the death of a beloved sibling. (Summaries: Chapter_Six:_The_Test_of_the_Smoking_Eye)

2006-05-07: The Company heads to Sasserine. (2006-05-10 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-05-14: A strange traveller offers passage. (2006-05-18 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-05-21: The Company is tested. (2006-05-22 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-05-25: A short hike.

2006-06-11: A final test, a betrayal, and Maeglin's end.

Chapter Seven: Secrets of the Soul Pillars

Wherein the local clergy makes the terrible mistake of not hiring enough assassins for the job. (Summaries: Chapter_Seven:_Secrets_of_the_Soul_Pillars)

2006-07-02: Tarik's Company heads back to Cauldron and regroups. (2006-07-03 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-07-09: Assassins! (2006-07-14 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-07-16: An accidental prison break, some guards are raised from the dead, and an assault on a temple. (2006-07-23 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-08-06: A fellow adventurer is burned to a crisp. Rumors suggest that tax collection is about to get very big.

2006-08-20: The party searches for free time and finds it. (2006-08-22 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-08-27: Back to the Demonskar to meet a letter writer. (2006-08-28 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-09-03: Near the Demonskar, we see giant fleshy things and fight giant bony things. (2006-09-04 Newsletter (Homework))

Chapter Eight: Lords of Oblivion

Wherein a charming local noble woman's party comes to a sudden and gruesome end, and a powerful politician has his eye put out.

2006-09-10: Religion and taxes. (2006-09-12 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-09-17: Conspiracy. (2006-09-19 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-09-24: Tarik's Company fought the law, and Tarik's Company won. (2006-09-25 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-10-01: A friend is rescued. (2006-10-04 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-10-07: Evil plans are considered. A job to kill some enemies is taken. A noble is murdered. (2006-10-09 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-10-15: The City's leadership is slain. The Company trades an eye for an eye. (2006-10-24 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-10-29: A large problem is cut down to size with a little help from our little friends. (2006-10-30 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-11-05: A denouement.

Chapter Nine: Gate Town

Wherein a group of avid tourists tries to bring a little bit of home back with them.

2006-11-12: All politics is local. (2006-11-13 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-11-19: A ritual is finally begun. A drunk's plan is implemented. (2006-11-21 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-11-26: Angels we have heard on high. The Company becomes music critics. (2006-11-30 Newsletter (Homework))

2006-12-03: A toll booth. A jigsaw puzzle is put together.

2006-12-26: A Very Special Episode of Bloss- erm, Shackled City.

Chapter Ten: Thirteen Cages

Wherein a group of diverse and talented allies learns the folly of not working together against a common foe, and a businessman loses his head.

2007-01-07: Tomb raiding!

2007-01-14: The Cradle of Life. (2007-01-16 Newsletter (Homework))

2007-01-21: And so Tarik's Company finds themselves leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that their next leap will be the leap home. (2007-01-24 Newsletter (Homework))

2007-01-28: Tab A into slot B. We win! (Homework)

2007-02-04: A bit of personal time. (Homework)

2007-02-11: Celebrations. (2007-02-12 Newsletter (Homework))

2007-02-18: Three men enter, one man leaves. Someone loses their head. Also, a single room dungeon. (Homework 1) (2007-03-30 Newsletter (Homework 2))

Chapter Eleven: Strike on Shatterhorn

Wherein a fantatic is slain, the last fragments of a once-powerful organization are finally reduced to ruin, and a group of friends finally gets to relax.

2007-04-01: A noble family has serious issues. (2007-04-05 Newsletter (Homework 1, Homework 2))

2007-04-15: Dragon hunting. (Homework)

2007-04-18: In which someone turns to religion for salvation. (2007-05-02 Newsletter (Homework))

2007-05-06: The bad guys sure do like traps. (2007-05-08 Newsletter (Homework))

2007-05-13: More traps and ambushes. (Homework)

2007-05-20: The bad guys make a last stand. An old frenemy stops by for a visit. (2007-05-22 Newsletter (Homework))

2007-05-27: Happy endings all around.


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