Date: Saturday, September 03, 2005 5:22 PM -0500

Subject: [Dnd] For Your Consideration

A few things about the campaign as a whole I'd like to open up for discussion.

1.) XP Debt. Something that Aaron used in the campaign some of us were in a while back that I enjoyed was the concept of debt instead of loss. Exactly like City of Heroes, creating magic items, dying, and permenant level loss all result in an xp debt instead of an xp loss. New experience is split evenly in twain, with half of the xp going to fill in the debt and half being added to your total. I like this because it means that, generally speaking, you'll all have about the same amount of xp and we don't have to deal with power loss. Which sucks. And is unfun. Thoughts?

2.) Item creation. I am going to be using strict D&D creation rules for actually crafting items, but with a twist. A suggestion from the WOTC Unearthed Arcana book is well seen, and goes thusly: For a magic item that takes more than one day to complete, I'll allow it to be "completed" in one day. The catch, such as it is, is that you need to roleplay working on the item in order for this not to be cheating.

For example, let's say Tarrik magics up Rassi's Greatsword to a +2. This would normally take four days (1000gp per day) of focused crafting to complete. Instead, if you decide on this course of action in the field, Tarrik could get started on the crafting right away. Over the course of the next week or so Tarrik works in his off time, before bed and such, carving the runes and imbuing the sword with magic. When you return to civilization, Tarrik spends a full day to complete the crafting and the item is created. The sword gains no benefit from this activity before the final day of crafting, which is when the full gp and xp costs are used up.

As a final note, it's been a long-standing house rule in my D&D games that magical enhancements are components. A +1 sword can be enhanced to a +2 sword by paying the difference in cost in gp and the appropriate xp costs. This encourages players to grow attached to weapons and equipment, and is the way I like to roll.

3.) Damn. There was a third thing, but I forgot it while writing the item thing. If I remember it I'll bring it up.


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