First Post

And away we go.

Unless there are going to be problems, I'd like to claim your 5pm to 10pm (ish) Sunday evening slots for about the next year or so. If that's cool.

I'd like to do chargen on Sunday, the 4th of September. Please let me know if you see any conflicts with this date or the timeslot.

Each of you, in addition to being added to this mailing list, should be receiving a Blogger invitation to join the Shackled City blog. It will be a bare bones place for me to hang information about the campaign. By accepting the invitation, you will be able to comment on my posts and make your own posts to the blog. This does require you to create a Blogger identity, which takes about 3 seconds and is relatively non-invasive. It is at your discretion whether or not you want to create an identity.

To follow the blog, which will mirror all DM posts to this list, point your RSS reader here:

For you to chew on, a quick questionnaire about your gaming habits -

1.) In your standard fantasy setting, what do you like to do most?

a.) Sneak (pick locks, pick pockets, disarm traps, Hide) b.) Melee Combat (make attack rolls modified by Str) c.) Ranged Combat (make attack rolls modified by Dex) d.) Cast Arcane Spells e.) Cast Divine Spells (and heal) f.) Take a Supporting Role to the other characters.

2.) Think back to a previous game you've participated in. Please choose from the list the activity you enjoyed the most.

a.) Accumulating Levels/Powers b.) Kicking Ass c.) Planning and Executing Strategies d.) Puzzle Solving e.) Playing a particular role f.) Participating in a Story g.) Getting into your character's head h.) Exploring/Mapping

3.) Please refer to the above list and choose the activity you enjoyed the least.

4.) A reference for the 3.5 Edition of the D&D rules can be found here:

How familiar do you feel you are with the 3.5 ruleset?

a.) Very Familiar b.) Somewhat Familiar c.) Rusty d.) Unfamiliar

Thanks for your time. I look forward to playing with you!


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