This abandoned dwarven output lies below Orak's_Bathhouse and is now overrun with goblins led by the vampiric bugbear Drakthar.

The entire area is filthy with goblin waste.


1. Hallway. At the south end is the head of a large dwarven statue.

2. Empty room. When the alarm is sounded goblins and Drakthar in the form of a worg arrive through here.

3. Empty room. Two goblins keep guard from here.

4. Hallway. When the alarm is sounded goblins and a worg arrive through here.

5. Room.

6. Chapel. The pillars are carved like dwarven warriors. At the end of the room is a large statue of a dwarf. The statue is missing its head. The walls have been carved with images of dwarves. Crude grafitti goblins stab the dwarves in the carvings in the back.

7. Room. There is broken pottery.

8. Library. Empty. Inch diameter holes line the walls.

9. Goblin barracks.

10. Pool. A carved dwarven head in the wall is a fountain that continuously refills the pool. The goblins have avoided fouling the water.

11. Alchemists lab. Two invisible goblin adepts lurk here. There is a stone cauldron and a table with various pots on it. Each of the goblins has two aid potions. One of the pots on the table holds a healing potion.

12. Larder.

13. Room.



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