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(2005-11-20. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The captured duergar's name is Xoden. He was hired by someone known as the Blue_Duke to bring the half-orcs into the city. The name is not familiar to the party. Xoden originally met the Blue Duke in Sasserine. There was an arrangement with Drakthar. He was also working with Kallev, a tiefling, and Chorlynder. Xoden was drawn to meetings with the Blue Duke by a gold ring that grew warm and attracted him to locations around Cauldron for meetings. Aidan takes the ring and wears it; perhaps it will lead Tarik's_Company to this mysterious Blue Duke.

27th of Ready'reat

During the night Aidan is attacked. Aidan had a dream, or possibly a faint memory of the attack. In his dream, Aidan awoke paralyzed. A woman wearing the face paint of the Last_Laugh gang promised payback for something. When Aidan awoke later, the finger wearing Xoden's ring had been cut off and taken, along with the ring. Fortunately Aidan's grandfather can restore Aidan's finger tomorrow.

With some savings, the party decides to have Tarik craft some magical items.

That evening is Vesuvian monthly party. The Company is invited and enjoys the fun.

28th of Ready'reat - 11th of Suns'ebb

The party investigates the Last Laugh without any luck. The gang has been unusually quiet of late.

Adrian_Whitebeard and Deven stop by to say goodbye; they're moving to Sasserine.

Word on the street is that the Stormblades have collapsed the tunnel beneath Orak's_Bathhouse.

Tarik purchases some badly damaged property from Tygot. He pays Tygot to hire workers to repair the property. It will take about three weeks.

Several weeks pass. Tarik crafts magical items for the group. Word reaches the party that Xoden was murdered in guard custody. Someone broke in and killed him. Maeglin accepts a job working for the guard. Orak visits and asks if the Company has his decanter_of_endless_water. Tarik says the party does not, not knowing the Maeglin has pilfered it.

13th of Sunsebb

The city prepares for the Lowering of the Waters Festival.

The Stormblades meet Tarik's_Company. It's clear they're looking for a fight. Although Tarik seeks a peaceful conclusion, the hotheads in both parties, Corah_Lathenmier and Rassi_Thimblebock start a fight. Tarik using magical webing to stop the fight. Guard burst in to break things up. The Company learns that the Stormblades regularlly pick fights and have the city guards "break things up" if the Stormblades get in over their heads. The Company is invited by Meriam to join the Drink_down_the_flood_competition. Each tavern has local competitions. Winners from each tavern go on to the competition proper. On the seventh day the winner of the competition is challenged by Lord_Vhalantru. The Lord has never been beaten.

14th of Sunsebb

In the evening Aidan, Rassi, Kyrin, and Maeglin join the drinking competition at the Drunken_Morkoth. Only Rassi manages to stay on her feet, along with tavern regular Ben. The two will advance to the main contest.

During the contest the Company notices Fario lurking about. The Company forcefully invites Fario upstairs. In the hallway they run into Fellian and invite him along as well. As the Company begins questioning the elves, there is a knock on the door. It's a dwarf who introduces himself as Mirthan. He claims that the elves and he are members of the Striders_of_Fharlanghn, a group dedicated to free trade and general well being. The Striders are registered as an adventuring group. Mirthan claims that the Lord_Mayor felt his life was in danger. He invited the Striders into the city to investigate and set up a station. Mirthan has been trying to see the Mayor without success for a week and a half. Mirthan insists that the elves only tracked Tarik's Company because the Company represented an unknown element. He is now convinced that the Company is on the side of right and no longer tracks the Company. The group decides to let the Striders go.

15th of Sunsebb

The festival proper starts. The drinking competition is at the Tipped_Tankard. Both Ben and Rassi out drink their opponents and advance to the next round. That evening it begins to rain.

16th of Sunsebb

The rain continues throughout the day, picking up in intensity.

In the morning is the Crater_Lake_Monster_Hunt. It's a swimming competition hosted by Blue_Water_Academy. The crater lake is filled with small toy boats. Competitors swim in and grab at boats. One of the boats is enchanted with an illusion that triggers when grabbed. Kyrin, Rassi, Maeglin, and Verana compete. Kyrin finds the enchanted boat. An illusion of a giant tentacle lashes out at Kyrin, but leaves him unharmed. The reward is small trophy and three invitations to the Demonskar_Ball.

In the evening is the second round of the drinking competition. Rassi again easily stays on her feet longer than her challenger and advances.

17th of Sunsebb

The rain continues to fall hard. The street festival begins, but the mood is subdued. There are rumors that the waters are rising more quickly than usual.

At mid-day the crowd gathers at the north end of the lake for the ceremony. A large illusion floats at the edge of the lake. The illusion magnifies an official. The official seems to be stalling, and after much delay he announces that the wands are unavailable. There will be news in the evening.

As the crowd is dispersing, an acolyte of St._Cuthbert rushes up to Tarik's Company. Jenya wants to see the Company about the wands. When the Company arrives, Jenya explains that she received magical word from Sarcem. He has the wands of control_water and is at the Lucky_Monkey. The Lucky Monkey is under attack by bandits and a "barbaric apeman." The Company heads out immediately on provided horses to rescue Sarcem and the wands.

The Lucky Monkey is a sprawling, well worn building. The Company arrives to find the bandits celebrating. The Company quickly dispatches the bandits and investigates inside. Further in the Company slays a group of baboons eating some corpses. As the Company regroups, a half-baboon, half-man attacks the group. When slain, it reverts to human form. The were-baboon wears the symbol of the Ebon_Triad.

(2005-12-04. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company searches the Lucky Monkey for survivers. In the cellar the Company slays several more bandits. A sole survivor, the drow woman Shensen is found unconcious behind a crude brown_mold trap she crafted to protect herself.

Out back is pile of bodies. After slaying two velociraptors scavenging, the Company locates Sarcem's body. Sarcem's gear is present, but the wands are missing.

Lacking any leads, the Company heads back to Cauldron with Sarcem's body. The party also learns that Shensen is a member of the Striders_of_Fharlanghn.

18th of Sunsebb

Shensen returns to thank the party. Shensen describes the woman who was with the bandits, but was not present when the Company arrived. The woman had curly red hair, and red and purple tattoos on her face and legs. She wore spiked full plate armor and a holy symbol of Hextor.

On a lead from Maeglin, the Company learns of a woman with curly red hair: Triel_Elderast. Triel was a member of the town guard. While breaking up a fight at the Rusted Nail, Triel went insane and slew several guards. Badly injured, she fled into the jungle. She is presumed dead.

Tygot reveals that the black ceramic and iron coins are probably associated with the failed invasion of the demon Nabtathorian from the Demonskar. Spellmason drove the demonic invasion off.

From Jenya the company learns of the history of the Lowering_of_the_Waters. In previous years the various churches of the city worked to craft the wands themselves. Because of light rains in the last few years, people have become jaded to the entire thing. This year Ike_Iverson of Wee_Jas announced the temple was pulling out. The temple of Kord decided to instead support the sporting events at the festival. The high priest of Pelor was slain by brigands; his replacement is not powerful enough to create the wand. Unable to create all of the wands himself, Sarcem was granted funds by the Lord_Mayor's office to purchase wands in Sasserine.

Sarcem's soul refused to be raised from the dead. Jenya allows the party to speak_with_dead with Sarcem, but the answer are unhelpful. Asking the Star_of_Justice proves more fruitful. It responds, "The one who sears flesh at the fallen cup knows of the ruined lair. Seek the wands with the three builders. One of them has had an accident." The clue leads the party to Arty_Schemwick, cook at the Tipped_Tankard. Magically charmed, Arty reveals that he has been supplying Triel with weapons. Arty gives the company directions to Triel's lair down a lava tube outside of town.

The lava tube leads to a large underground lake. A gondola system connects the lava tube's ledge high above lake to a beach across the lake. Tarik's Company fails to bluff warriors guarding the winch mechanism. After slaying the guards the Company takes the gondola down to the beach. There the party is badly injured by a collapsing roof trap. The beach ends in the walls of the cavern, into which has been carved a large building with wide stone doors.

(2005-12-11. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Tarik's_Company explores the strange building. The company slays a powerful halfling wizard and his guards. From the wizard's body the party recovers the first stolen wand and several magical items. The wizard's magically locked and trapped inner chamber proves to hold the second wand. Another part of the building has a large water filled pit covered with an illusion. After rescuing Maeglin from water dwelling oozes, the company recovered a third wand from the pit.

(2006-01-15. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

After some magical preparation, the Company faces the skeletal tyrannosaur. It is a formitable foe, but the preparations pay off and the company destroys it. Further in the company finds and destroys zombie orcs and Spawn_of_Kyuss. The Spawn are guarding a stone chest. Inside the chest are sacks full of coins. The sacks are marked with a birdcage symbol.

Returning to areas previously left unexplored, the party tangles with and slays several large spiders and ettercaps. A chest in the area holds the final stolen wand.

Having recovered all of the wands, the Company heads back to town. The water is already ankle deep on Ash_Avenue. Jenya, a group of her acolytes, and Aidan use the wands to lower the lake several feet.

20th of Sunsebb

The mayor's office, through Jenya, rewards the Company with 500 platinum pieces.

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