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(2006-07-02. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

4th of Flocktime

5th of Flocktime


(2006-07-09. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

12th of Flocktime


(2006-07-16. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

13th of Flocktime

  • A visit to the town hall to inquire on Meriam goes poorly, leading to the slaying of a group of half-orc mercenaries and the springing of Meriam from jail. A visit to the Drunken_Morkoth reveals several town guards have been slain. The party arranges to have the guards raised from the dead. A clue suggests that the Spire_of_the_Stern_Lady is responsible for the ill in the city.

14th of Flocktime

  • The company heads to the Spire of the Stern Lady and is immediately attacked. The party explores the temple, slaying the occupants, including Ike_Iverson.

(2006-08-06. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

The party finds a Cagewright cage. Tarik's Company finds Zachary_Aslaxin_III in a back room in the temple. He has been turned into a sentient spawn_of_Kyuss. The company destroys him. The company takes the Cagewright cage to Jenya. At Jenya's suggestion the company reports their findings to the town guard and a tax collector. The tax collector suggests that the company will be punished for their actions. The company has its loot identified and sells much of it. Research reveals that Karran-Kural is a spellweaver location in the Demonskar.

(2006-08-20. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

18th of Flocktime

23rd of Flocktime

24th of Flocktime


(2006-08-27. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

(2006-09-03. Extended session notes: Tarik, Aidan, Shensen)

  • Tarik's Company interrogates their prisoner, it's Fetor_Abradius. Before he can answer many questions he teleports away. The company finds a pool of black ice that functions as a scrying pool.

27th of Flocktime

  • The company scries on Fetor in time to see him banished from a gathering by Kaurophon. Fetor is teleported, naked, back to the company, who recaptures him. The now desperate Fetor reveals all and helps the company clear Karran-Kural. He cannot tell the company the location of the Fiery_Sanctum the lair of the_Thirteen because a powerful magic forbids it. He refuses to identify The Thirteen for fear of his life.

    The company slays who of Fetor's associates: Orgo the half-orc warrior and Xale the bone_naga. The Soul_Pillars themselve are giant fleshy pillars. The spellweavers placed their knowledge in the pillars. Although difficult, it is possible to commune with the pillars to learn their knowledge. For the_Thirteen Fetor researched the end of the gate opening ritual. The gate will open to Carceri. Since then he has been doing research for the sake of general knowledge.

    Five of the seven pillars are guarded by Vittriss_Bale, a green dracolich. The company slays Bale and claims his horde.

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