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(2006-01-22. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

21st of Sunsebb

The Company is visited by Sarcem's ghost. Sarcem's spirit has remained bound to the material plane through his armor. He forsees hard times ahead and wishes to help the Company. The Company agrees to sacrifice a bit of their life energy to bind themselves to Sarcem. Sarcem will then be able to protect and heal the Company from beyond.

21st of Sunsebb through 26th of Sunsebb

With the flood dealt with, the Lowering_of_the_Waters festival restarts. Rassi wins the Drink_Down_the_Flood competition, but collapses with her third drink when facing Lord_Vhalantru. Tarik moves into his house and orders some renovations. Tarik also creates magical items for various party members. As thanks for recovering the wands, Tarik's Company is invited to the Demonskar_Ball.

27th of Sunsebb

The Company attends the Demonskar_Ball. A portion of party goers are asked to dress like demons. Two are asked to portray Sundabar_Spellmason and the demon Nabtathorian and to do a brief pagent of Spellmason's victor over the demon. Tarik is asked to be Nabtathorian and an elaborate costume provided. Spellmason is played by Zachary_Aslaxin_III. The symbolic battle is brief, with Zachary using the opportunity to strike several nonserious but painful blows on Tarik. Maeglin brings Shensen. Verana brings the carnie Detrick. Aidan brings Filia_Sturmguard. Kyrin manages to concince Annah_Taskerhill to come with him, but she refuses to see him again at the end of the night.

(2006-01-24. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

  • Note: These events were resolved outside of a normal game session. The GM worked with players one-on-one to resolve the events of the down time.

28th of Sunsebb through 10th of Readying

Tarik's Company settles down.

Shensen helps grow a small tree in Tarik's yard so that it will be large enough to support a tree house for Rassi. Kyrin designs the treehouse and arranged to have it built.

Tarik crafts magical items for various party members.

There are changes in the city over the weeks. Taxes are increased. The standard tax for citizens is raised from 1 gold piece per year to 5 gold pieces.

Half-orc mercenaries have been hired to supplement the city guard. They behave like thugs.

The Magical Threats Agency ends up being mostly independent, not working under Skellerang.

Maeglin and Shensen spend a great deal of time together.

Aidan spends time courting Filia.

Detrick regularly visits Cauldron to see Verana.

Aidan spends time and money supporting the Lantern_Street_Orphanage.

Alek_Tercival has been missing for some time. Maeglin and Verana go to Redgorge to investigate. No one in Red Gorge has seen Alek, nor is there a possession requiring an exorcism.

Rassi sees Corah_Lathenmier acting up at one of Annah_Taskerhill's performances at the Tip_Tankard. Rassi cusses out Corah. Corah tries to start a fight, but is dragged out of the bar by Zachary_Aslaxin_III.

There is word that Corah and Zachary were seeing each other but broke up because Zach has feelings for Annah.

There is word that the Last_Laugh has resurfaced and is recruiting. There is also word that the Alleybashers have recently been destroyed while working as guards in a lair under the city. They may have been the guards working for Triel.

While camping in the jungle, Rassi entered a clearing as a group of baboons were leaving. In the clearing were piles of stones similar to monoliths.

Kyrin studies the harp and composes a song about his love for Annah.

Tarik joins the Blue_Water_Academy and studies Sundabar_Spellmason.

Tarik goes to Hollowsky to visit his old master Ottam_Rorynel. Unfortunately several days earlier Ottam had died after a sudden illness. Alcoa, another of Ottam's old apprentices, had seen Ottam before he died. Alcoa thinks Ottam was poisoned.

(2006-01-22. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

  • The events documented here are part of the 2006-01-22 session, but occur after the events handled out of game in 2006-01-24

11th of Readying

Tarik's Company is heading to lunch with Jenya when an umber_hulk breaks out of a building and wrecks havok in Cauldron. Many bystanders are injured at the hulk's confusion ability drives them mad and they attack each other. Tarik's Company slays the hulk, primarily through three lightning_bolts from Kyrin.

(2006-01-29. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The building the umber_hulk originally burst out of is a warehouse for Maavu's_Imports. Inside a summoning circle has been scribed into the floor. The circle was configured to delay the umber hulk's release, presumably to give the perpetrator time to escape.

Meeting with Jenya, the group learns that churchs are now being taxes at 15% of their income.

The group is invited to meet Celeste and Davked, "associates of the Lord Mayor's Office" tomorrow at the noble's club Cusp_of_Sunrise for evening meal. Davked_Splintershield is an old, respected dwarf.

Check on the missing Alek_Tercival, neither Jenya nor Alek's mother, Lady_Ketra are too worried. Lady Ketra says that Alek had also mentioned heading "down the river" to look into something.

12th of Readying

While waiting for Davked and Celeste, the party mingles with a variety of nobles in The Cusp of Sunrise. The party meets a dwarf wearing a leather half mask who introduces himself as Adric_Garthun. Kyrin chats briefly with Lord_Ankin_Taskerhill, where he learns someone has been slandering Kyrin, suggesting that Kyrin has been insulting Annah. Kyrin clarifies the situation.

The party is then lead to Mistress Celeste and Master Davked_Splintershield. Davked is an old, very frail looking dwarven man. He has three sons with whom is was estranged. His wife Marta blamed Davked for driving her sons away. She died about a year ago. With her dying breath, she cursed her husband to waste away unless he reunited with his sons. Davked has reconciled with two of his sons. Davked's third son is Zenith_Splintershield, once lord of the Malachite_Fortress. A decade ago Zenith formed a company to purge the Underdark of evil. Zenith has not been heard from since. Divinations reveal that Zenith is still alive and is being held in a kuo-toan shrine called Bhal-hamatugn.

Davked is too drained by the curse to seek out his son. He offer the company 36,000 gold pieces to rescue his son.

The Stormblades have sealed all known entrances into the Underdark. There is a fissure into the Underdark north of the city. Celeste provides a map to the hermit Crazy_Jared who knows the way. The company accepts the task.

13th of Readying

The party prepares for the four day trip to Crazy Jared, then heads out.

14th of Readying

Near noon the party is attacked by a roc. They quickly slay it.

16th of Readying

The company arrives at grassy plain, in the center of which is a large hut. A huge red_dragon hovers over the hut and sets it ablaze. A man in tattered robes flees the burning hut and shouts for his knights. The party rushes to the man's defense, battling the dragon. During the battle the dragon identifies itself as Gottrod, son of Hookface. The battle is fierce. The dragon is largely immune to the spell caster's offensive spells. A magically enhanced Rassi does most of the damage and eventually slays the dragon, in the process coming up to death's door herself.

(2006-02-05. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The old man claims to be King_Jared_the_IV of Andurai. He's clearly crazy, but uses bardic magic to create illusions of his beliefs. He offers Tarik's Company a boon for their saving him. He draws a map to a nearby entrance into the Underdark, the Pit_of_the_Seven_Jaws.

17th of Readying

A half-days travel leads to the Pit, a roughly square hole in the ground with a metal staircase winding around the outside. The Company slays a cryohydra who lairs at the bottom of the pit and probably give the Pit it's name. At the bottom of the pit is a dead, frozen drow with the Company loots.

At the bottom of the Pit is a tunnel into the Underdark. It spans for many miles with occasional forks. The party follows the largest tunnel into the evening. Around mid-evening the Company is attacked by a behir, which they slay.

Near midnight the Company camps in a side passage. During the night they are ambused by two driders. It's tough fight, leaving several Company members badly wounded and Maeglin so weak from poison that he cannot carry his own gear.

18th of Readying

Aidan's healing magic restores most of Maeglin's strength.

The tunnel ends in a huge cavern, partially covered in water. On the far side of the underground lake is a structure shaped like a large, spiny fish. At the edge of the water the Company encounters a kuo-toa in a canoe who offers to take the party across. The kuo-toa takes the party most of the way, then tries to tip the canoe over. The kuo-toa fails and the Company slay it.

The large fish structure is a shrine of some sort. The Company heads in, only to be attacked by two groups of kuo-toa. Fortunately the fish-men are easily defeated.

The company begins to explore the shrine.

(2006-02-12. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The Company find two prisoners held by the kuo-toa. Each of the prisoners accuses the other of aiding the kuo-toa. The Company decides to leave the prisoners imprisoned for their own safety.

Exploring the temple, the Company encounters and destroys an animate mummy.

The company attempts to sneak in the back of the main temple, but end up in a battle with a powerful group of kuo-toa. After defeating the kuo-toa, the eyes of the large statue of Blibdoolpoolp flash, summoning a erinyes to defend the temple. After a hard fight the Company slay the devil.

Badly battered, the company retreats to the kuo-toan armory and rest for the night.

19th of Readying

During the night a group of kuo-toa attack, but they are quickly defeated by the Company.

Heading back, the party finds the two prisoners have been slain, presumably by the kuo-toa.

Searching the lowest level of the shrine, the Company battles several kuo-toa and a swarm of a strange kuo-toa and dragon hybrid, kuo-toa spawn.

(2006-02-19. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Stairs in the basement led to a black_dragon. The dragon complained that the party had slain its "children." The party slew the dragon. Beyond portcullis in the basement was a chamber where eggs once were, but was empty when the party arrived.

Elsewhere in the basement was a chamber of kuo-toa bodies, some of which showed signs of something having eaten its way out. This may have been the source of the kuo-toa spawn. The room was trapped with a pit trap. After Rassi fell in a wraith attacked and was eventually destroyed.

On the third floor Tarik's_Company battled two kuo-toa assassins. Further in was Zenith_Splintershield's chamber. Dwarven corpses hung from the ceiling; his family's banners were displayed upside-down. Zenith had gone mad and attacked the party, summonging an invisible_stalker to aid him. The party subdued Zenith and took him back to the city. On the way he muttered about a smoking_eye and a path of flame.

23rd of Readying

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