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(2006-02-26. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

Arriving back in Cauldron, the Company discovers that tax_collectors have hired and are hitting people up for extra taxes. Half-orc mercenaries have been hired to supplement the city_guard. Jenya agrees to try and heal Zenith's mind.

24th of Readying

Jenya was unable to help Zenith. He believes he is precognitive. He warns of a man_in_blue and that someone's mother is in danger. Lord_Vhalantru arrives on behalf of Davked and Celeste. He overpays the company, then takes Zenith to the Cusp_of_Sunrise.

25th of Readying

Rassi's cousin Goddfrey arrives. He has had his pixie-curse lifted.

26th of Readying

The Company dines with Aidan's family.

27th of Readying

Tarik attends a dinner party with Lord_Vhalantru.

1st of Coldeven

The Company runs into Alek_Tercival who is acting strangely, less piously. He has found some historical artifacts he sold to Tygot to support his family. Alek is concerned about Cauldron's government. The Company encourages Alek to speak with Jenya about his fears before heading out again.

2nd of Coldeven

The Company speaks with Jenya. She has not see Alek in a month and is worried about his strange behavior.

3rd of Coldeven - 17th of Coldeven

The company hears of more strange behavior on Alek's part. He got in a fight with the Stormblades. He exhibited super-human strength while helping to rebuild the Lucky_Monkey.

Lord Mayor Severen has told the city nobles that recent bad events are a prelude to the overthrow of the nobility. While the city council did not vote on the new taxes, because of the threat they currently support them.

Word is that baboons and dinosaurs in the jungle have been acting strangely.

There is a report that the Stormblades are in the Underdark retreiving a powerful magic item stolen from the Lord_Mayor's home.

18th of Coldeven - 22nd of Coldeven

Rassi's tribe visits town to see the restored Goddfrey. They spend several days partying and seeing the sights.

Meanwhile the townsfork are getting frustrated with the seemingly arbitrary taxes.

23rd of Coldeven

Fliers are being distributed across the city calling for people to meet outside of City Hall to protest. The publisher of the Cauldron_City_Broadsheet is arrested for potentially printing the fliers.

That evening the protest begins. Maavu speaks to the crowd, saying that Alek has challenged Terseon_Skellerang to a dual. If Alek wins, he will claim the position of Captain_of_the_Guard. Maavu claims that the city council have ignored the challenge.

A group of half-orc mercenaries approach Maavu to stop him. Someone in the crowd pulls out a dagger to attack the half-orcs. A riot erupts.

(2006-03-05. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

The protest descends into a riot. The half-orc mercenaries are quickly slain. A breath drinker air elemental is summoned and attacks Maavu. Tarik's Company drives the elemental away. Archers on rooftops wearing Last_Laugh makeup open fire on Maavu, but are thwarted by Kyrin's wind_wall. Maavu escapes using a potion of gaseous_form. The archers flee.

The Company runs into Maavu. He's heading out to Redgorge and the Company can meet him at the Red_Headed_Miner's_Inn. The codeword "morter" will let the barkeep know to trust the Company. Maavu did organize the rally. He's part of The_Chisel, a secret organization.

As the company regroups, there is a cry of a fire near the docks. Tarik's Company rushes to the lake to find Minuta's_Board burning down. The half-orc mercenaries have been boarding there. Two fire elementals set the place ablaze. Tarik's company destroys the elementals. A man in blue robes with blue hair arrives and puts the fire out with a cone_of_cold. He thanks the Company but refuses to identify himself.

24th of Coldeven

The half-orc mercenaries are moved outside the east gate of town.

The Company visits Tygot. They learn that Alek_Tercival has been selling antiques he has found. Several of the items are interesting, especially the Hegemonic_Plate. The plate depicts spellweavers enslaving ogres with Amaranth_Elixir. The elixir makes those who take it extremely strong, but saps their willpower. It also depicts the Starry_Mirror and the pattern 3 4 5 1 2 3. On the back is a crude map. It appears to depict a location south-west of Cauldron.

(2006-03-12. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

25th of Coldeven

26th of Coldeven

27th of Coldeven

28th of Coldeven

1st of Growfest


(2006-03-19. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

2nd of Growfest


(2006-03-26. Extended session notes: Brian, Tarik, Aidan, Verana)

3rd of Growfest

4th of Growfest

5th of Growfest

6th of Growfest

7th of Growfest


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