Participants in this campaign will be playing the part of local boys and girls from the area around the city of Cauldron. Cauldron is a large settlement in the extinct caldera of a volcano. The city is elevated above a subtropical jungle which surrounds the human enclaves of the area. The relatively high altitude of the city proper is the only thing that allows the higher temperatures of the surrounding region to abate, keeping the region's largest settlement mostly temperate. In addition to Cauldron (a town of about 7,500 adults), the settlements of Kingfisher_Hollow (large village of 2100), Redgorge (village of 600), and Hollowsky (village of 450) are bastions of the civilized races. The jungles are also home to one or two barbarian tribes who rarely move towards civilization in order to trade with townsfolk.

Cauldron is located in the Hellfurnace_Mountains, just south of Jeklea_Bay in the southwestern area of the Flaeness. The nearest real city is the capital city of Sasserine, almost a full week's ride to the north. Sasserine has heavy economic ties to the Sea Princes, and acts as a jumping off point for expeditions into the Amedio_Jungle (the area around Cauldron) and the Sea of Dust. Sasserine and its attendant states form a very loose economic partnership, with little more than light taxation ensuring that Sasserine's military patrols the major roads and keeps the shipping lanes open.

Cauldron (small city) Conventional; AL NG; Population 7,500 adults; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 5,625,000 gp; Mixed (79% human, 9% hafling, 5% gnome, 3% dwarf, 3% elf, 1% half-elf, <1% other)

Cauldron is ruled by a Lord_Mayor, elected to his position every two years. The post is currently held by Severen_Navalant, whose term expires in roughly 20 months. Other important individuals in the city include Terseon_Skellerang, captain of the guard, the members of the noble families, and Cauldron's few wealthy merchant interests.

The people of the Cauldron environs are primarily either metalsmiths and craftsman who work the metals and stones that come from the mines around the area, or the laborers who mine the raw materials. The other major economic source in the region are plantations. Coffee, Sugarcane, and Cacao flourish in the warm and wet climate around Cauldron.

Like the peoples of the area, the religions followed in the region are practical. Cauldron boasts temples to St._Cuthbert, Kord, Wee_Jas, and Pelor. A shrine to Fharlanghn resides in a roadhouse called the Lucky_Monkey, on the way to Sasserine. Kingfisher_Hollow has small shrines to Pelor, Yondalla, and Wee_Jas, while Redgorge has small houses of worship for Kord, Moradin, and Garl_Glittergold. Clerics from the elven pantheons are fairly rare in these parts, as are followers of Boccob and Obad-Hai.

The history of humanity in the region is sketchy at best, but most accounts agree that the famed wizard Sundabar Spellmason had an instrumental hand in founding the settlements of Redgorge and Cauldron. His connections with the city of Sasserine allowed the area to flourish after he had made his mark on the jungle. Local legal currency is entirely of Sasserine make, and utilizes precious few forms of coinage. The platinum piece (a "ring"), a gold piece (a "sun"), a silver piece (a "moon"), and a copper piece (a "star") are the four most commonly used. Merchants and tradesmen who deal in large amounts of currency often use trade bars made of gold. A typical bar weighs about half a pound and is stamped with the official seal of the Sasserine crown. Bars come in 100, 500, and 1000 gp notations. Gems are also heavily used to ensure that weighty coinage doesn't become an issue for the well-to-do. Coins can be exchanged for bars and gems at Alameda_Moneylenders, just off of Obsidian_Avenue near the South_Gate. Bars are also available from the Lord_Mayor's office. No surcharge is levied for exchanging coins for trade bars or gems.


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