1.) Business -

Fittingly, I have snacks and question this week. We're on for one last time, at 4pm CST on May the 27th. Unless you want to really, finally have that epic confrontation with Jenya you've been dying for since session two, you can probably leave your dice bags and books at home. :)

2.) Homework -

I know I don't have any way to bribe you to answer this query, but I'll go ahead and put it out there anyway.

I've asked it a few times before, but it's my favorite just the same and so I'll ask it again: What was your favorite moment in the Shackled City adventure path? Doesn't have to be a combat or an RPG moment or even anything particularly noteworthy. What was your favorite single moment in the game? Brian, I'd love for you to answer this question too.

3.) Last Time -

Thrown together a little less than a year ago by happenstance and good fortune, the members of Tarik's_Company complete the mission they set out to do: investigate the disappearances of a few missing Cauldron townspeople. The investigation has led them across vast tracks of land, to other plans, and even back in time. Finally, truly, the threat to Cauldron and her people has been put down ... and the adventurers can think about rest, relaxation, and the future

4.) Next Time -

Dinner! Michael's Shackled City Campaign: The Director's Cut! :D I bring the book along with us to a restaurant, and we walk through the whole campaign talking about what worked, what didn't, what ended up getting changed, added, and deleted along the way. Brian, as payment for answering the 'favorite moment' question, I'll bring along my recording rig to dinner and get the whole thing on tape.

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