1.) Business -

Viv has question and snacks for this coming weekend.

I'll just say as a general note that I think some of the assembled masses are generally watching what they eat, for various reasons. I loved Nich's snacko's this past weekend, because we had options and stuff. Everyone should feel free to get what they want, but I just wanted to make sure and point it out as a matter of newsletter biddness.

{snip private details}

2.) Last Time -

Tarik finishes sprinkling the amber dust (1000gp worth) over the teleportation_circle he's inlaid into the ground, in a clearing just out of sight of the main road. One after another, the party members lead the wagons, prisoners, and horses into the circle and vanish out of sight. In Cauldron, you're met in front of the guard house by a large contingent of officers, all wearing the slapdash uniform of the Cauldron militia. You're pleased to note that, at full strength, the guard contingent now seems to number well towards 50 or 60 people. Elves, humans, and even a few gnomes from Rassifina's tribe have taken up the call to serve the city. You have a number of admirers among them too; as favoured members of the Company arrive via teleport, calls of greeting and cheers erupt from your military colleagues.

3.) This Time -

As the last wagon, led by Rassi, teleports into the city, a stern looking older man in a fairly well-put-together outfit strides up to Tarik. Apologizing for interrupting your homecoming, he introduces himself as Voran. He's carrying a heavy piece of vellum, on which is written a letter from the Lord Mayor's office.


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