1.) Business - We're on for November 5th, at 4pm. Weeha! No one has snacks next week, as we've got *plenty*. Come planning to do a lot of talking. There will be some combat, but the evening will predominantly focus on roleplaying and downtime. The Sunday after thiscoming, which is November 12th, is going to be something of a 'humdinger' of a session. I'd like to talk about the possibility of starting a little earlier than 4pm. Any additional time we can wrangle would be awesome. If it's not gonna happen, it's not gonna happen, but I thought I'd ask.

2.) Homework - We have two homeworks this week.

1.) If your character knew that he or she was going to die in 24 hours, name three things he or she would do with the time they had left.

2.) Nich, can you be a super-awesome guy and type up the loot list for us? I'll go ahead and ID it for us and you guys can spend some time talking about the loot via email. I'll let you know in-game when this actual ID'ing happens, and such, but there's no reason we can't do this asynchronously during the week.

3.) Last Week - With Vhalantru's giant allies finally put to rest, the city of Cauldron looks to once again be in the hands of its citizenry and nobles ... for the moment.

4.) This Week - Tarik reveals his evil plans as he and Alakast attempt a mad powerbid for the Cauldron's mayoral office!


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