1.) Business -

We're on for next Sunday, the 15th of October, at 4pm. Alan has snacks. Just to double-make you aware, we are going to be off on the 22nd. Our next session after thiscoming will be the 29nd of October.

2.) Homework -

I asked Alan to come up with some duties that could be done on the Wiki, to make it a more fleshed out experience for all of us. He's come up with this page:


Your homework this week is to do at least two *thingies* worth of the stuff on this list. For example, you could clean up two pages, or flesh out two stub pages, or mix and match. I'll be checking on homework completeness via the RecentChanges page, so no need to send stuff to the list for this one.

Alan is, of course, excused from this homework.

3.) Last Time -

Rhiavadi and many of the big bads in this part of the world were put to the blade. You found out a great deal about The Plan, and claimed a prime piece of real estate.

4.) This Time -

A Meeting. A Speech. An untimely house call.

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