1.) Business -

We are on for 4pm, on Saturday the 7th of October. Please note, again, that this is Saturday and not Sunday. Viv has snack duty.

2.) Homework -

'Tarik's_Company' has been the moniker of the adventuring party for over a year now. While certainly a fine name, and err..descriptive, as a creative exercise I'd love to hear some discussion of a new name for the team. If each of you could come up with an alternate team name or two, and engage in some critiques of others suggestions, I'd be appreciative.

3.) Last Time -

The Last_Laugh, long the scourge of Cauldron, was put to the blade. A valued member of the Striders was returned to safety, and the reputation of the Company grows and grows.

4.) This Time -

A busy town, a rebellion gone public ... what will happen next?


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