1.) Business - We are on for 4pm on Sunday, the 24th of September. Matie has snacks again this week.

2.) Homework - Your characters have met many villains during your time in Cauldron. Tell me which critter or person, of all the things you've met in combat or heard of, creeps out/pisses off/disturbs your character the most. Describe for us what it was about them that made your character feel the way they did. Shensen and Gadrey are free to come up with a past villain, if no one especially touches off your creep-dar from the last chapter or so.

3.) Last Time - Joining the Cauldron Underground. Wherein it is discovered that the Stormblades ain't so bad after all, there's more than meets the Eye to lots of people, and some priests really know how to preach.

4.) This Time - You're going to camp! And then to a Festival! Oh, you do go to the funnest things! Here's hoping your buddy Skellerang will be around! You guys had the best time last summer.


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