1.) Business -

We're on for Sunday, the 3rd of September at 4pm. Joe has snacks thiscoming week. I seem to recall that we're going to be off one weekend this month. If you have scheduling conflicts in the near future could you send them to the list?

2.) Homework -

I'd like you to describe a memorable story from your character's childhood. It can be funny, sad, scary, informative ... whatever you want. Describe something for us that your character clearly remembers from his or her childhood. Please make sure to include details.

3.) Last Time -

Back on the dungeon-crawl agenda, you head east and down into the chilly depths of Karran-Kurral. Spellweavers, Tyrannosaurs, and Ice Devils oh my!

4.) This Time -

What else is there down here in the deep freeze? Are the frozen weavers the Soul_Pillars? What fascinating details with Fetor have to offer once you wake his magey ass up?


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