Campaign Newsletter (Anniversary Edition)

1.) Business -

We're on for Sunday, the 27th of August at 4pm. By the pricking of my thumb, the schedule says Alan is up for snacks next week.

We'll have beverages as usual and (I think) something bubbly and delicious to celebrate our yearaversary for the SCAP. If you were wondering: no, I don't think we'll be having another. ;)

2.) Homework -

Viv's question: Your character has to cook dinner. What would she make for everyone?

Viv, Nich, and Joe don't have to answer this question. I'd appreciate it if the rest of you did.

If you're interested in earning another card this week (free xp debt removal!), answer me this question:

From your character's perspective, what is the worst thing you've had to do since falling in with Tarik's company? Shensen and Gadrey can reflect on the worst thing they've had to do in their backstory, if nothing particularly onerous jumps out at them since they joined the party.

3.) Last Week -

Sidequest! Sidequest! Sidequesting and me! The party traveled to the shadow of the Spire of Long Shadows, and spent some quality time in an extradimensional space.

4.) This Week -

You return to the city, most of you well-rested after almost two months of downtime. It's been only five days for the citizens of Cauldron; what's happened in the meantime? What will Karran-Kural be like? What are those dang Soul Pillars? What's the tree the legend lore spoke of? Why is the GM a twit?

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