1.) Business -

First and foremost, a hearty thank you. This last session went far better than I could have ever hoped. You folks stepped up to the plate, and I really felt that you'd engaged the story and the NPCs by your actions and words. I know that not everyone *hearts* pure roleplaying, but this session was very important for the continuation of the campaign and I'm really glad we got past it. So, thank you.

The next session is this Sunday, at 4pm, at Matie's new place. This is going to be our first session with Nich. So yay!

We'll handle snacks and drinks and such this time around ... assuming we can find the table in time. :)

2.) Last Time -

The party is appraised of the situation in Cauldron; there's some time for mourning and the saying of goodbyes.

3.) Homework -

You've got one last week with Verana. Describe for me what you're doing during this downtime. (Please answer this one as well Nich). I'd specifically like to know about shopping and item creation - if any is being done.

Shensen is going to show up fairly often at dinners and such during the week; Katie will pass on some information about that. If you're amiable to hearing more from this swordsman that Jenya described, Maavu is willing to set you up with a meeting at the end of the week. (A day or two after Verana departs.)

4.) This Time -

New friends, old friends like new, and ... ? Once more into the breach, friends.

- Michael Zenke

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