1.) Business - We're on for Thursday the 25th, at 6pm. According to the schedule, Viv has snacks.

Not really business, but a note: Brian takes the best notes ever. I particularly liked the notes during the scene with the Avoral, where the Guardian's gender changes midway through the conversation (he is a he, by the by). Also: Saureya, the fallen angel that assisted Adimarchus with the Test, is both blue and white haired. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle. :)

2.) Homework -

Easy one for this week. Name one favorite, and one least favorite moment from the campaign so far. Doesn't have to involve your character or anything, just something you thought was cool, and something you really hated.

3.) Last Time -

You passed the first test.

4.) Next Time -

The Lantern leads on ... to test number two.


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