1.) Business -

We're on for 4pm on Sunday, the 19th of March. I believe we have snacks again? Either us or Brian. Does anyone know anymore? :D

2.) Focus -

I'd like to take a sec to talk about focus. I'll take the head of the blame, but for whatever reason I think all of us were a bit off yesterday. I think we got through a good deal of what I wanted to cover, but there's a point where we're just chugging through the game. I hope you all had fun (I know I did), especially during the three-giant fight. That was some really good work there.

We only have two sessions before a long break, but I'm not too worried about it. I think we can finish the bulk of Chapter 5 by the end of next session or the beginning of the one after that. That will leave us some time two weeks from yesterday to do some roleplaying and tie things up for the month of April.

Starting with this next session, I'd like to ask you folks for a favour. I'd like to ask for 'more' of a commitment on your part.

For future games, I'd like to ask that we all show up to the game already fed. You know our home: Mi casa es su casa. If you want to come over early with food to eat, I am totally on board. The point is, I'd like to be able to start getting into character around 4. I know we don't really 'start' until 4:30, but if we're eating it takes even longer than that to get going.

For during the game, I want to do the blanket request that GMs have made since the days of Gygax - If you could, I'd appreciate if you could try to focus a little more on the game. Overall I think you folks do a REALLY good job of this. You're more focused than like 80% of the folks I've run in games, and to be sure I don't mind some occasional OOC banter. Things were just a little loose yesterday, so I figured I'd bring it up.

During the next two weeks and during the break, I'm going to work to meet you halfway on this. I can see now that what I thought was a well-constructed plot is *too* constructed. The game's designers wrote this game with the intention that most groups could play it. Poorly balanced or badly communicating parties can still make it through the plot of the game, because for a large part of the module the plot moves the adventuring company forward in a fairly directed manner. Chapter 5 and onward is what I was thinking of when I started obsessing about this game. As you've already encountered (with the Deva and the Chisel) there are larger things afoot here than are necessarily indicated in the first few chapters. Despite my love for the plot from this point on, I can see from your complaints that it might be a good idea to put some more thought into the game. You all seemed to enjoy the modifications I made to the games opening, and I'm thinking the rest of the game could use some opening up based on what you've already done.

Now that Katie and I have no plans to leave the city for at least a year, there's no reason I can't extend the game a little bit with further explorations.

So, just wanted to throw that out there. As always if you have any comments feel free to post here or to me privately. And, as always, you all know my phone number.

For the record, I want to say that overall I'm bringing up the above only as compared to what I know you're capable of. I've absolutely loved running this game for you folks. This has far and away been the most rewarding campaign I've run, as far as roleplaying investment and team communication. You guys are a blast to run in combat and RP situations, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the game.

After all ... you're not even halfway done yet.


3.) Homework -

Your homework question this week is to submit to me, via private email, at least two questions for future homework. These questions should be pieces of information about your fellow players or the characters in the party that you would find interesting.

I'll give credit to whoever submitted the question if I use it. If they're questions that apply to the players, I'll answer it too.

Please make sure to submit your answers to this homework question to me via private email; Replys default to the list.

4.) Last Time -

Slothbears, angels, and giants couldn't stop you from entering the complex known on your map as "Vaprak's_Voice".

5.) Next Time -

A .. real voice? Sounds like someone's saying something in the room to the north.


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