1.) Business -

We're on for Sunday, the 12th of March, at 4pm. We're going to backtrack this week and tap Alan for snacks, and then we'll go back into the flow for the next session.

Just as a head's up, we're going to have scheduling issues in the next two months. Here are our (if all were per normal) dates for this month:

[Private scheduling matters deleted]

Please make sure and speak up if there are any other issues you see in the upcoming weeks. We'll talk more about this on Sunday.

2.) Homework -

If your character was pressed, what would they describe as their best attribute? (Not looking for Strength or Dex here, thinking more like an interview - What is good about you, etc?) What does your character like about him-or-her-self?

3.) Last Time -

The Company was preparing for the road to Redgorge, having received an invitation from Maavu to meet with the Chisel and discuss Alek's challenge to Skellerang.

4.) This Time -

What's the deal with Alek? What's the deal with the doodads? What's the deal with pinstriped suits?

- Michael Zenke

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