1.) Business - Heya! We're on for Sunday, the 26th of February, at 4pm. Joe has snacks this week. Alan and Brian owe me five bucks each for last week's foodstuffs. :)

2.) Homework - A note: Jeff still owezors me a paragraph about Aiden.

Your homework question for the week: What is the *worst* gaming experience you've ever had, either in or out of game? I'm looking for memorable TPKs, angry player disputes, that sort of thing. You don't have to be specific if you don't want to ... I love funny anecdotes but I'm really looking for the gist of the problem. What was the cause of the bad event? What was done to prevent/mitigate it? What were the results of the event?

3.) Last Time - You slew the last of the odorous fish/frog things, and returned to Cauldron with Zenith Splintersheild.

4.) Who is this figure standing with the watch at the city gate? He's wearing some sort of red tabard, and is gesticulating at you as you come down the road...


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