1.) Business - We're on for Sunday, the 12th of February at 4pm. Viv has snacks this week. Two additional things.

a.) Alan asked me today if we're 'on schedule'. Just want to assure you folks, we're not on a schedule. Katie and I should be in the city until well into 2007, so as long as you all will continue to be in town we have loads of time to finish the game. I'm not lazing about the plot, I don't think, but I'm not pushing hard either. If I'm going too fast or too slow, as always, feel free to drop me a line.

b.) Katie asked if we could delay gamestart until 5pm on the 19th. She has a baby show to attend, and her aunt didn't pay attention to her time restrictions. I was thinking we could do dinner at the usual time? Folks show up at 4, we eat, and play when Katie arrives?

2.) Homework -

A quick (hopefully fun) one this week: Ala the Marvel "What If?" comics, envision a world where your character was *not* the class she is. What do you think that class would be? Give a quick, one paragraph rundown of what that version of your character would be like.

3.) Last Time -

You slew the beast of the Pit of Seven Jaws:, bested the Driders of the Underdark, and began your exploration of Bhal-hamatugn.

4.) Next Time -

There are prisoners in the next room, and something unpleasant downstairs. A croaking noise in the next room doesn't sound so friendly either. Where are you going?


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