1.) Business -

We're on for 4pm on Sunday, the 5th of February. Arrive ready for a kick-ass session. Brian has snacks this week (be afraid).

2.) Homework -

What aspect of your character's class made them choose that as a lifestyle choice? I know that for Aiden it was a family choice, and for Verana very much one of personality...what was it about the class drew your character to the class?

3.) Last Time -

The massive weight of the dragon settles into itself as it lies, dead, on the grassy meadow in front of the burning structure. Rassi, floating in the air as she does so, continues to stab into the creature's gut while Aiden tends to her wounds.

4.) Next Time -

What will the old man be able to tell you? Is Zenith really alive? Why is he with the Kuo-toa?


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