1.) Business - We're on for Sunday, January 15th at 4pm. It is Jeff's turn for Snacks.

As a look-ahead, Chinese New Year begins on Sunday, January 29th this year. Katie, Viv and I were talking about doing a little celebrating. If possible, I'd like to do a long session starting at 2pm. We'd start by having Alan or Brian bring over Asia Express for a late lunch, and presents. Chinese snacks to follow during the game, with good spirits. Any objections?

2.) Homework - Since you've had a long break, I'm giving you two questions to deal with for this week. They're both interesting but short - I'm looking for iconic images.

a.) The D&D rules purposely (and thankfully) make combat somewhat ambiguous. Besides actual attacks, AC and hitpoints muddle the actual actions in a combat situation. They represent the parried, dodges, and thrusts that make up the actual encounter. Quickly describe one fighting move your character tends to use in combat. For inspiration, LOTR and Star Wars may be helpful. Spellcasters, if you'd rather, describe the Verbal and Somatic components you use for one of your favorite spells.

b.) One of the things designers usually whip up for NPCs in adventures is an 'iconic phrase'. A catchy saying or statement of belief that captures some of the essence of the character. Given the PCs are considerably more complex than most NPCs, I don't expect one that gets the entirety of your character. Just the same, I'd like a simple sentence that attempts to get across what your character is about.

3.) Last Time - Facing down the Ebon Triad cultists, you retrieved the second to last wand from the corpse of the undead Gnoll.

4.) Next Time - There's an undead Tyrannosaur to face, and one more wand to find. Where is it?


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