1.) Business -

We're on for 4pm on Sunday, the 18th of December. We'll talk about time off at the session this week, and try to figure out when/if we can get in any gaming in the next couple of weeks.

Joe has snacks this week.

Alan, you left your Palm keyboard here. I'll bring it on Wednesday, when I'll see you at Poker.

2.) Homework -

If your character were to die, and not be resurrected, what kind of ceremony would they want? Would they want to be buried or cremated? Anything they'd like said or done at the ceremony? If they don't want a ceremony, is there anything they'd like done to note their passing?

3.) Last Time -

Much exploration and fighting. Dungeon crawling at its finest by a group of stalwart adventurers.

4.) Next Time -

Find the Wands [6] Seek out the 8 Wands of Water Control in the ruin beneath Cauldron. Collect them, defeat the three builders, and return to the surface in time to stop the flooding of Ash street.

Collect the Eight Wands: 3/8

Kill the Three Builders 1/3

- Michael Zenke


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