1.) Business -

We're on for 4pm, on Sunday the 11th of December. We're going to finish up a tad early this Sunday so that Katie and I can go to a work thing of hers at 9pm. I expect we'll be done around 8:30 - 8:45.

Please look ahead to upcoming weeks and consider when we'll need to take off, becuase I forsee issues coming up.

Alan has snacks this week.

2.) Homework - What is your character's relationship with animals? Did they ever have a pet? Do they dislike animals, or generally like them? What prompted your character's response to critters?

3.) Last Time - You picked up a friend from the ruins of the Lucky Monkey. A cute friend, no less. She gave you a gift, and a divination led you to a NYC stereotype in the midst of a fantasy setting.

4.) Next Time - What's on the other side of that door? Was the whole complex alerted by the trap? Where's the red-haired chick?

- Michael Zenke


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