1.) Business -

A bunch of stuff: Next week we're meeting at 3pm on Sunday the 20th. Then we're off for a week, returning for another long session on December the 4th.

The hope is to get loot sold this week via email. I'll handwave what you're actually doing on Sunday, in-game. Joe, whenever you've got a sec could you put the loot list online? I'll work with Brian to get everything nailed down during the week.

Now that your actions are starting to make people sit up and take notice, we're going to start getting into more roleplaying (thank everything). In fact, it's possible we're not even going to get to the next dungeon proper next week. (Which is not to say there won't be combat.) I just wanted to let you know. I'd like to think that the combat the last few sessions have be interesting, but we're going to have some variety moving forward.

Personally, I wanted to let you know that the Drakthar chase last night was probably the most fun I've had running a combat sequence in D&D. You guys did great, and I think it flowed relatively well. Good job all around.

2.) Homework -

Firstly, think about things you'd like to purchase and any arrangements you'd like to make. What NPCs or organizations are you going to want to touch base with before you become incommunicado again? You don't have to respond to that, just think on it and be ready with some 'stuff' on Sunday.

Your homework question for this week requires that you follow directions. :)

I'd like each of you to describe what your character thinks about another member of the party. One paragraph on general impressions and any physical traits that stood out for your character is what I'm looking for. Which party member should you describe?

No need to hold anything back, impressions good and bad are what I'm looking for.

3.) Last Time -

Yew stakes put an end to the reign of Drakthar the Bloodmonger in the depths of the Cauldron tunnel system. Another job well done for Tarik's Company.

4.) This Time -

Another check in the win column for the good guys. Now for shopping!


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