Uber Prompt, so that we can be ready for Wednesday.

1.) Business - Matie has snacks for the next session. We're on for 6pm to 9:30 pm, Wednesday the 26th of October.

2.) Homework -

Please respond to the following questions via the list: Has your character ever been in a serious relationship? If so, what was their name and what were they like? If not, why not? What type of person does your character find romantically interesting? Any hangups on race or habits?

3.) Last Time -

Praised as heroes for your role in the return of the Children, you enjoy the fruits of your labor at a banquet in your honor. No rest for the wicked, though ... there's goblins to hunt!

4.) This Time -

You approach the Bathhouse in the dead of the night. As you approach the squat stone structure, something stirs in the Alley across the street...


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