1.) Business - We're on for 4pm on Sunday, the 23rd of October. If you're going to the Corn Maze the night before, make sure and sleep late on Sunday morning. :)

Jeff has snacks for thiscoming session.

We have some scheduling to discuss. We can't play on the 30th because of Jeff and Viv's trip, and the Halloween party is the 29th. How does Monday the 24th or Thursday the 27th look for people? Alternatively, we could look at doing another session sometime this week, or Wednesday the 26th. Wednesday would prevent those of use who usually go from attending poker. (I'm up for that, but I'd prefer we look to other dates first.)

You'll find on the Wiki that I've added the Chapter One title - "Life's Bazaar". Chapter titles will be added at the end of each chapter, for your edification and amusement.

2.) Homework - Think about your character's upbringing and background. Does your character have any sort of moral code they hold themselves to? If so, what inspired your character's ideals? What are the edicts of this code? If they don't have a code, think for a moment on what sort of moral compass they have. Is there anything they *won't* do?

3.) Last Time - The back of the kidnapping ring broken, you escorted the remaining prisoners to the surface and then returned to mop up the last defenders of the Malachite Fortress.

4.) This Time - Some time to settle into the city, you hope. What was with that Beholder? What's so special about Terrem? Who was the chick that dropped him off?


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