1.) Business -

We're currently on for Sunday the 16th at 5pm. (Remember, we have to start late this week so Viv can join us.) Joe has snacks this weekend.

Katie and I are both getting over being sick, but we're already out of the death zone. We should be fine by Sunday.

2.) Homework - I'm sick, so I don't have anything really great for you this week.

Thusly, your homework this week is the following: Send one paragraph to the list describing one cool thing a character you've run has done. It doesn't have to be this campaign, or even Dungeons and Dragons. Just one paragraph about a cool thing a character you were running has done.

3.) Last Time - Descending deeper underneath Cauldron, you delved into the Malachite Fortress and took on the kidnappers in their own lair.

4.) This Time - The frantic howls of the Howler were only just silenced when *poof*, a Beholder entered the room. How did it teleport here? What does it want? Is this the end of a stupidly short campaign?

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