From: Michael_Zenke

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:45 PM -0500

Subject: [Dnd] Campaign Newsletter


We're on for Sunday the 18th at 5pm. Thanks for being so prompt last week, folks, let's keep it up.

I'd like to propose the following rotation for snacks -

1.) Matie 2.) Kichael 3.) Brian 4.) Viv 5.) Alan 6.) Joe 7.) Jeff

Katie and I have already done a week each, so we'd be up to Brian for this weekend. He's promised us liver pate, so we have that to look forward to.


I'm going to specify each week whether you should send the info to me or to the list/wiki. If it's sent to me, the information is intended to be private. If it's sent to the list, it's something I hope you'll add to your character bio on the wiki.


Last Week

Adrian's odyssey comes to an end, and Tarik's Company begins. Connections with the city guard lead to the trail of a mystery...which is quickly solved thanks to a talking cudgel and some good deductive reasoning. Also: there's a magical enclave beneath the city and it's happy to see you!

This Week

Mental note: avoid pit traps. More of Jzadirune to be explored, and where are those "dark ones" that Keygan was talking about?


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