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Aidan Ignatious MacFaersen (son of) Faersen Ignatious MacGerdan (son of) Gerdan Ignatious MacPhestus

A Dwarven Vesuvian Cleric of Obad-Hai (Fire and Earth Domains)

Member of Tarik's_Company.

Hair: Red, Eyes: Brown, Skin: Pink/Peach, Alignment: Neutral Good

Holy Symbol: "The Flame-in-Mortar". Shaped on a copper plate inside a circular iron medallion, worn on a chain around the neck. The symbol is an iconic three-pronged flame resting in a stone bowl.

Robes: Red with a coal-grey trim. As other neophyte Vesuvian clerics, he hopes to eventually obtain a robe made from hellhound hyde.

Other: Smokes a pipe. dislikes cold water. Can't swim well. He doesn't like it when other people argue, or lose their temper, but he is quick to do so himself. This is more a religious thing than a personality quirk. In a similar vein, he sees the non-anthropomorphising of mountains to be disrespectful, especially if the mountain in question is volcanic.


Mother: Mozilla_Firefox

Father: Faersen_Ignatious_MacGerdan

Grandfather: Gerdan_Ignatious_MacPhestus


Aidan and his family live in Cauldron, where they worship the volcano itself, as an aspect of Obad-Hai, in a small family shrine that Gerdan carved in one of the shallower caverns when he was just a young dwarf.

He has no moral problem with any other religion, as long as they respect his. But Air, Water, and Ice magics give him the jibblies. He knows intellectually that they are just as important to Nature as Earth and Fire, but his visceral reaction is about the same as most people see the Undead (whom he also hates). This is an in-born instict left over from his ancestors on Magma.

When people remind him that he needs to breath air and drink water to survive he replies: "That's right, I live to destroy air and water."

Ignatious is a family title bestowed on any son who chooses to become a Vesuvian Cleric. Aidan's full name would be given as Aidan Ignatious MacFaersen MacGerdan MacPhestus Gerdan claims that his father, Phestus, was a child during the emmigration from Magma, and the first in the family line to bear the Ignatious title.

The names are bastardized mixtures of the Dwarvish, Terran, and Ignan languages.

Aidan = "Campfire"

Faersen = "Fire-Starter"

Gerdan = "Rock-Dweller"

(In real life the names are a mixture of gaelic, latin, danish, and me making stuff up)

Aidan's mother's name is Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla = "Mosaic Killer"

Aidan's Journal

Part of The_Book_of_Ignatious.

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