On 2007-03-30, Michael posed the following question:

You are offered lordship over a small keep on the edge of a wilderness area. You answer only to a distant king, who trusts your eadership over the area. A group of gnolls begins causing trouble for your villagers, evidently because of a misunderstanding involving the Gnoll's spirituality. On the third month anniversary of your arrival at the keep, a horde of gnolls rush the keep. They shout bloodthirsty cries to Yeenoghu and slaughter the men and women standing between themselves and you.

You gird yourself for battle, and step out into the hallway adjoining your bedchambers, when you catch site of a huge gnoll warrior. He steps out of the shadows, a massive waraxe slung across his shoulders, and you catch sight of a thick piece of leather hanging off of the axe's haft. At the end of the leather strap is a small trophy from one of the gnoll's previous battles.

What's the trophy?


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