Examining the thing attached to the beholder, I think it's a shator demodan. We loot the place, taking the human-skin costume, which is magical. The circle in the center of the room is designed for transmutation and conjuration. The beholder corpse is too heavy, we'll come back for it later.

I receive a sending from Jenya saying giants are attacking. We hasten our way outside.

At the western gate to the city we see giants and some ogres fighting people in the streets. There are two dracoforms flying overhead. Jenya says the plan is for some forces to attack from the opposite side and from the center of town. We'll attack from this direction. We agree and head to face the giants.

We meet the giants in a large plaza near the gate. I grant Rassi greater_invisibility. Kyrin protects us with a mass_fire_shield. We're facing four frost_giants. One looks like a cleric, the others look like warriors. Aidan hits them with an earthquake, but they keep their footing. Nearby buildings crack and windows shatter. Gadrey enlarges himself and leaps toward the cleric. He drives his axe through her neck and she collapses. A nearby frost giant howls and attacks Gadrey with an axe with two others open fire with massive long bows. I hit one of the gaint with a triplet of scorching_rays, badly injuring it. We hear the invisible Rassi howl in rage and charge in; two giants fall to her blows. One of the giants pulls out a horn. Shensen charges that giant injuring it. Kyrin burns the giant with several scorching rays. Aidan silences the giant with the horn. Gadrey leaps into the giant and slays it.

We run further on, coming upon four more frost giants and two human sized white_dragon. Aidan burns two of the giants and a dragon with a flame_strike. The dragons fly by breathing cold upon us. We dive out of the way of much of the blast, and the fire sheild absorbs the rest. The frost giant cleric summons a flame strike on us, burning Gadrey, Rassi, and I badly. The other three giants advance on Gadrey, cutting him with axes. I grant Gadrey flight so he can chase the dragons if necessary. The cleric howls in pain as an unexpected blow from the invisible Rassi strikes him. With a flurry of blows Gadrey slays the badly burned giant. As a troll, Shensen slays another giant. The dragons swing by again, trying to claw at Kyrin and I, but we easily evade them. The remaining warrior giant attacks Gadrey several times, injuring Gadrey, but slaying himself on the fire shield. The cleric falls back and dispels Rassi's invisibility. The dragon doesn't seem too scary. I fall back and hit it with a volley of magic_missiles. Rassi cuts down the cleric and moves back to support us against the dragons. Troll-Shensen leaps on one of the dragons and tears it to pieces. Aidan heals us with several spells. Gadrey leaps into the remaining dragon and slays it.

There is a blast of noise from the gate area. It's a horn. There is a group of sixty more giants. From behind them swarms a bunch of gnomish barbarians, Rassi's tribe! The giants fall quickly to them, but another group of giants attacks us. Again, three warriors, a cleric, two dragons. The giant we saw in the illusion leads the group, his axe misting with magical cold. Kyrin hits the group with a fire_storm. The cleric invokes a spell and the giants dimension_door right in front of us. One giant attacks Rassi, injuring her, but killing himself on the fire shield. A dragon slays itself in the same way when biting Aidan. The jarl strikes Gadrey. Another giant tries to attack me, but is distracted by my cloak of blur. I fall back and trap the cleric in a forcecage. Rassi cuts the head off the remaining dragon. Shensen enchants Rassi with blood_frenzy, ensuring that she can keep fighting. Kyrin hits the giants with a prismatic_spray. A ray of fire burns the jarl. A ray of electricity slays one of the warriors. One off the warriors simply disappears. A ray hits the forcecage, but nothing happens. Gadrey attacks the jarl, but his blow is deflected by some magical force. The jarl strikes Gadrey repeatedly. The cleric dimension_door's out of the forcecage and magical heals the jarl. I dispel the magical effects on the jarl. Rassi tumbles past the jarl and strikes the cleric. Troll-Shensen also moves to attack the cleric, clawing the cleric up. Kyrin hits the cleric with an orb_of_acid. Aidan heals the badly battered Gadrey. Still weak, Gadrey attacks the jarl. The cleric dimension door's back and protects the jarl from fire. The jarl strikes Gadrey repeatedly, burning himself, but leaving Gadrey dead on the ground. The jarl spins around and strikes Rassi. I blast the jarl with an orb_of_force. Rassi strikes the jarl several times, leaving him bleeding on the ground. Kyrin hits the cleric with an orb of force. Aidan revivifies Gadrey. The cleric says a word and disappears.

Me only 50

1 red card


3 frost_giants, frost giant cleric


3 frost_giants, frost giant cleric, 2 white_dragons


3 frost_giants, frost giant cleric, 2 white_dragons, frost_giant jarl



We heal up and loot the bodies.

Rassi heads off to see her tribe.

We talk with Jenya for a bit. She calls Rassi over. Rassi brings a well dressed gnome with her. It's her love, Foloni.

Jenya magically amplifies her voice. She announces that we've slain Vhalantru and repelled a frost giant invasion. One week from today there will be a meeting at the lake to discuss the future of Cauldron.

Shensen heads off. Anna and Kyrin head off to Rhiavati's house. Rassi and Foloni head to her treehouse. Aidan heads off with his family. Gadrey's family invites him and I to dinner.


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