For three weeks in April the group was absent one of our players. In the meantime we played a short Deadlands campaign run by Alan. The following are notes by MichaelZenke:

Extended Session notes for the 04/23/06 Shackled City group Deadlands session.

Examining the room, there are several shelves with what appears to be armor and weapons. They are dull, often used, and rusty. On the ground lies the corpses of the two zombquistadors that we just slew. The GM loads.....

Horus begins shaking and convulsing, uncontrollably. He begins shouting in a language none of us can understand. The group reacts quickly, moving to restrain and aid him. Emily leaps to hold him in a grip. He begins bucking and jerking around, but Emily manages to hold onto him. I'm suddenly filled with the deep-seated need to kill someone as quickly as possible. I crack off a shot at William, but it's a wild shot and it goes wide. Sister Mary responds to the danger posed by the babbling man, and smacks Horus upside the skull with her stick. He stays to his feet.

William hones in on my gunhand, and cracks off a shot. My gun goes flying from my hand. Emily whips out and punches Horus in the back of the head. He drops to the ground, unconcious. Sister Mary comes me with her stick. She whaps me in the guts, and I drop. We come to after a few minutes, and we discuss the visions. Horus says he was partricipating in a crazy aztec situation. The 'white devil' featured heaviliy in the dreamscape. We move further into the salt tunnels, keeping closly together.

We come to a room, covered with white dust. On the room is a carpet, almost completely obscured. It's hard to tell the colors of the carpet, originally. The room is dark on the far side, only partially lit by our lanterns. We head deeper into the room, trying to avoid the carpet (a large rug). The chamber is 15' in diameter, and the center area is dominated by the 10x10 rug. The rug appears to be rolled up by the wall. The far wall is now illuminated, and we can see two low bookshelves, with tomes and papers on them. On the far wall is a desk and chair with paperwork spread libearlly around. To the left ahead, the room lays out into a corridor.

Horus and I work to move the carpet, and a bare floor is uncovered beneath. Sister Mary and Horus examine the books, which are falling apart at the slightest touch. The scrolls and paper have aged better because of a higher quality paper, and many of them seem to be maps. They're of areas in the Atlantic.

Laid out on the desk is a map of a set of islands, The Canaries. From the Canaries to South America, there are several routes plotted on it. The edges are dry but the map seems to be in decent shape. There are strange instruments on the desk, in decent shape. On the wall above the desk, carved into the wall, there is a symbol or simplistic rendering of a gargoyle holding a bowl. It exudes a mealevolent aura. George scrapes the thing from the wall, kicking up a large amount of dust in the process.

George and I move quielty down the hallway, kicking up small clouds of dust as we go. She shutters the lantern so there's only a small amount of illumination. We come to a turn, and peer around the corner. We search out some small sidepassages shown on the map, before returning to the party.

We return again to the room marked with an 'X'. There is a chest at the end of the room, smallish, square-sided, with nothing else in the room. Thinking the chest holds the bowl, Sister Mary smashes in the front and a bunch of coins spill out. She roots around in the chest with her hickory stick, looking for the bowl.

We head back through the labaryinth after taking the coins, and return to where the map ceases. We explore forward, reach a small room with a wobbly table in it. There's a helmet in the room, rusty and crappy.

Zombquistadors rush us from the darkness. The one on George leaves itself open as it moves up, and the bounter hunter slaps a shot into its guts. The other one slashes Emily in the arm, cutting her very lightly. I rush up and crack off a pair of shots. One glances off of its leg, and the other ricochets off of its breastplate. Sister Mary moves forward and empties a barrel of her shotgun into the thing's chest. It disintegrates under the force of the blast. The other barrel goes right into the partner's face. It somehow stays corporeal. She's got quite a wind up, and swings the rifle stock up into its chest. She dings it a good one. Emily raises her weapon and snaps off a pair of shots. One slaps into the creature's face, and passes through to the other side, with little damage. The other does minimal damage to it's leg. Horus snaps off a quick powerbolt, but the tough zombquistador keeps to its feet. William's rifle shots clang sadly into its breastplate, and it staggers back a little. Emily fires some more rounds into the undead creature, but it somehow manages to stay up. George lays out a pair of shots of her own. The air is now full of clouds of salt dust. Her second shot bifurcates the creature's skull, and the controlling force behind the creature leaves.

The air still cloudy, George begins babbling and thrashing. We resolve to listen to more of the rant, and Emily ties her up. Horus and I confer about what she's saying. "Innocents Killed" "Demon invaders" "Evil death" Horus begins to ask a question in broken gobbledygook, when she faints. Sister Mary sees to George, who comes to quickly. We untie the bounty hunter. The room has another table on the far side, with battered breastplates and broken weaponry. There are no other entrances or exits, besides the one we came in. We return the way we came, checking out some dead ends not fully marked on the map. As we explore, Emily begins speaking in Aztec. She says she's being captured in chains, and led onto a slave ship. She was chained up in a small space with other people, and faints. Horus catches her sexfully.

Returning to exploration, we move down another corridor. The photographer and I hear something from up ahead. We warn the party, and George moves to the offense. She cracks off a pair of shots at shambling figures down a small corridor. They both impact the lead figure, and a followup shot from William brings down the shambling creature. He fires again, striking the second figure, who loses a chunk of its leg. Sister Mary's destructive scattershot followup drops the creature.

Beyond the dead creatures is a larger chamber. There's another emaciated creature and it moves towards us. I unload into its guts, but miss with a second shot. Horus pulls a deck of cards, but a horrible red glow emenates from him. In the illusionary light, we see dozens of people sacrificed on altars. It's bad. I see the light glinting off of the daggers, and the image of them plunging into the chests of the people is emblazoned on my mind. The scene fades from view. The symbol of the dread god looms large, and my limbs move of their own accord.

Something grabs me, and forces my lips to shout an invocation in the gobbledylanguage. I turn from the creature and flee into the darkness. I can sense that the controlling entity is taking me 'to' something. William fires at the creature, but misses, and Sister Mary moves up to do the same. Emily, meaning to knock me out, wings me through the right leg. It causes me a flesh wound, she follows up with a shot to the ass. It knocks the wind out me, and I drop to the ground. George steps up and calmly empties a pair of shots into the creature's spine. It folds into itself, and drops.

Emily ties me up, and Mary heals my wounds.

George interrogates me:

"Who are you?" - Pouqui

"How did you destroy the ship - Let me go, I need to destroy the bowl.'

'Tell us how we can destroy the bowl, and we can do it. - There's just one option ... I can go face it myself.'

'What about our friend, who you are occupying? - If I succeed, he will be alright.'

Mary thinks she's withholding something. 'If I fail, both of us will die. It can't be destroyed, our people tried repeatedly. I used what lifeforce I could to invoke a great ritual. The only blood sacrificed for that ritual was my own. The savage captain is there with the bowl.'

He is the only being serving the bowl, and his physical form can be destroyed. Without his form, he will be destroyed. He brought in several women and a man some time ago. Do you think you can destroy the thing the spaniard has become? If you can destroy him, the bowl will no longer have a willing servant. The bowl can appeal to those who already have evil in their minds.

I was planning to use my spirit to challenge the captain directly. I might be able to even use this one's will.

Tired of talking, the party unties me. I come to myself, remembering everything that has happened. We quickly examine the dead creatures, and move forward down the corridor. We randomly follow the lefthand wall from a four-way intersection.

From the darkness, we hear a scuffling; A foot moving?

Mary moves up with the lantern, and a trio of dastardly devils are revealed. In the corner is a golden gargoyle holding a golden bowl. One of them is wearing grimy piratey clothes, and bears a shiny rapier. Mary unloads both barrels on the undead, but it looks like much of the shot bounces off of the captain's armor. He howls in rage, and promises that he'll claim our hearts for his god. Many of us pale in terror.

He strides forward and slashes at Emily's chest. The wound isn't bad, but it could have been deadly. I rush forward and fire at the creature. Unfortunately, I misfire and catch Mary in the leg. Ahem. William moves up and I'd swear he would have taken the bastard in the face. Instead he turns to the side and the bullet glances off of his helmet. Emily manages to center herself, and blasts away with a pair of bullets. The second shot wings him in the thigh, bouncing off of the bone on its way through. George also takes a shot, but it doesn't appear to do much damage.

One of the captain's minions stabs William in the guts, but it doesn't have force behind it. Another rushes Mary, but is rebuffed by her faith. The captain also tries to take on the Sister, but just can't bring himself to do it. I move up closer to the fight and pull out some Greek fire. I spend some time judging the distance as he attempts to strike the Sister yet again. He just can't do it.

I toss the Greek fire, and unfortunately don't throw as far as I'd like. The zombies and Sister Mary go up in burning hot fire. The two lower minions go down writhing, while Mary and the captain seem to be (mostly) okay. They're both ablaze, though. Emily unloads on the flaming captain. Both shots bounce off of his armor.

George takes her turn firing on the Captain. A minimal amount of damage is done by the whirring bullets. William's followup shot just grazes the captain. Horus moves up from further back in the corridor, summoning cards as he goes. An arcane burst of energy lances forth, connecting him to the burning undead. The captain lurches backwards, the energy pouring off of his breastplate like water. He appears to pull another hand, but the cards fall through his hands.

The burning undead rushes William and pierces him in the stomach. Will's twist diverts the blade, leaving a small cut trailing across his midsection. Enraged by the captain's affrontery, I stride forward firing. I explode his right knee, and he drops to the ground. He swtiches hands with his weapon, holding himself up with his right arm. I empty another chamber into his midsection, and it drops back lifeless. I move forward and fire my last two bullets into the creature's skull.

Mary drops to the ground, and the fires on her clothing burns out.

We investigate the room, and collect the captain's treasures.

Examining the statue, Mary notices that the statue is glowing red. It's extremely hot. We move back into the hallway, and William examines the room (which is now wavering from heat). The statues appears to be melting slightly. We retreat further through the tunnels, and exit via the boat.

After a short time, we head back down with the lightning gun. William takes a picture with he and I standing around the statue. We drag the carpet into the statue room, and topple it onto the carpet. The statue lights the carpet on fire.

We bring the lightning gun down into the tunnels. William and I set up the gun at the mouth of the corridor, and fire it directly into the statue. The rest of the party retreats. We collapse the golden bowl room, and then move further down the corridor. We collapse the intersection, and the entire labirynth begins to destablizie. We high-tail it out of the ship. We fire again at the ship, lighting it ablaze and turning the derelict into a towering inferno.

We ride back to town, and turn the lightning gun back over the the scientist who created it. I'm sad to see it go, but am ammeliorated by the fact that he agrees to an interview. He pays us, and thanks us kindly for our assistance.

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